Two days ago, I received an e-mail from the people bringing forth the karma clearing and rejuvenation commands outlining the process they intend to follow. My request for guidance in terms of an appropriate response yielded nothing and I worked very hard yesterday to uncover my own truth about the matter including a session with my Daughter where she listened and asked questions and spoke her truth once or twice. She is quite skilled and I thank her for the help she gave me.
Two things became clear over the course of the day. One is that my choice is very definitely to become involved in bringing these commands to humanity. The other is that I am to be authentic in this process and express my authentic self at each point along the way, this being a key point. Part of my blockage yesterday was the temptation to be less than authentic out of fear that my authentic self and authentic concerns would cause me to miss out in some way, cause me to be overlooked in terms of choosing those to play important roles in this work.
What is my authentic self in this regard? First and foremost, I want these commands to be available to every person alive on earth at this time. I am not concerned about making these commands available to people whose intentions are less than honourable. Such people will not benefit from these commands, nor will they be successful should they choose to use their experience to mislead others or interfere with others receiving and benefiting from these commands. They may try, but they will not succeed. In short, I do not see it as my job or in fact any human’s job to screen applicants for these commands. I see that as taking place in the spirit world in accordance with processes directed by All That Is.
I am also not overly concerned with teaching people how to act once they have been rejuvenated, with teaching people how to honourably use the new powers which will flow to them through these commands. Yes, some basics will be important and my own experience will be shared with all who ask and be available to all through continued entries in this blog. However, only those pure of heart will have their karma cleared and their body rejuvenated, and using their newfound powers inappropriately will not meet with success since these powers do not serve dark agendas; therefore, aside from some basics and some shared experience, the path each takes is up to them. This is a free will universe and I intend to honour the free will of everyone who comes before me. If they want the commands, I shall deliver them, knowing no one can abuse them and those that try will be brought up short, knowing that no one can walk this path without a pure heart and honourable intentions.
Ten days after receiving the karma clearing command, an Angel came to visit me. This Angel looked like a homeless child but without needs of any kind. Her name is Mirsha and you can read more on my November 14 blog by that name. She stayed with me and will play a role as I walk this path of bringing the karma clearing and rejuvenation commands to humanity. Her role is to make these commands available to pure of heart homeless children wherever they may be found and to pure of heart children whose parents choose a path other than Ascension. Her compassion and her innate joy are with me always.
And so, I stand willing and eager to proceed with receiving the rejuvenation command once it is available and to take part in the workshop where these commands will be activated within me, such that I am able to bring them forth to others and be supported in that work. I am willing and able to follow the guidance given me by both humans and guides from the spirit world. Let this exciting and beneficial chapter begin. The world as we know it is about to change in beautiful and beneficial ways and I ask for the strength and the purity of heart to play my role for the good of all.
Freedom for humanity…

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