Another Transition

Post #260
I can tell when significant change takes place within me, when I am moved into another place, another reality. This has happened several times over the past several years and each time it is similar. My creativity dries up for a while, days usually but sometimes a week or more. Not so long ago, I would feel concerned and make attempts to force something to write, but not so much this past year or two. Now I recognize the pattern and live through it, accepting the transition and honouring my process.
There are not many distractions in my life these days. This is in part deliberate as I turn down any offer or request that does not strike a chord within me. Having made major changes in the spring of 2008 to free myself up and dedicate myself to my mission, I guard my freedom with some jealousy and do only those things that get an internal thumbs up. Spirit has cooperated and various attempts by me and others to find a suitable community or even a close friend or two in Calgary have come to naught; and so my semi-reclusive life here in Calgary continues and the faint marker of my mission is constant and consistently there before me. By being true to my mission in the minutia of my day to day activities, I am true to my mission in the big picture and consistently walk my path.
Volunteering for delivering the karma clearing and rejuvenation commands to humanity will change all of that. There is much to be done in this work and a busy schedule is likely to replace my almost idyllic present day existence. That was part of my resistance when this choice came up, especially at the first choice point in October of last year and this was part of my resistance when the time came to formally declare a few days ago. Once I made that formal declaration, a switch was thrown somewhere in the ethers and my systems began an adjustment period. That is the nature of my latest transition. In my own way, I am saying goodbye to my life of researching, writing the blog, walking, meditating, and solitude that has been my lot over the past two years since leaving the healing centre in Toronto in the fall of 2008.
The door of preparation is closing and the door of doing is swinging open.
There is a peace and a general sense of acceptance within me. It is time for me to begin planning my new role. Not in the big picture, but in the small picture. In the big picture, my principle aims were outlined in the blog called Volunteering written on January 18, including to continue to write this blog, and I see no reason to change them in any way, I also intend to continue to honour the spirit world guidance that is an ongoing part of my life. My small self is no better able to guide me toward my mission now than it was five years ago when I formally surrendered to Divinity and placed my fate in the hands of my unseen guides and that small still voice within me, occasionally augmented by Divine grace coming in random and unexpected moments.
Change of the magnitude being wrought upon humanity cannot be planned or managed by our small selves. We simply do not have the capacity, or the information necessary. For that I surrender to higher intelligence and to the creative forces that made me. All of this is right brain activity and without question, my intention is to continue to be right brain dominated.
Some of my guidance is small stuff, like don’t forget to take pictures and lots of them to document what I now look like at a fairly well preserved sixty two years of age. My target physical age once rejuvenated is half my current age, thirty one years old, and many will be interested in the before and after pictures this contrast will create.
Freedom for humanity…

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