Exploring Rejuvenation

I no longer believe that rejuvenation will be brought forth using a command. Rejuvenation is real, aging is artificial and rejuvenation will come to humanity. How is much more complex. 11-11-11
Having chosen to become involved with bringing forth the karmic clearing and rejuvenation commands to humanity, I am now collecting information and impressions about these phenomena. My choice is to share what seems appropriate and today’s blog is about rejuvenation.
The process itself remains in the ethers and the dark continues to put forth resistance, another indication to me of the threat rejuvenation poses to the dark’s dominance here on earth and in fact to the dark’s continuing existence in their present form(s). Rejuvenation will be like a wild fire in dried fall grass as it consumes the old and makes way for the new in the spring to follow. The dark’s resistance is focused on the key people bringing forth the rejuvenation command, hoping to eliminate these people and thus end this attempt to bring forth Ascension and a golden age to humanity. Most of this is taking place in the world of spirit and the key people are being protected and provided with resources to eliminate these threats and pave the way for the changes to come. It should be remembered that the dark has faced similar attempts every four hundred years or so since the fall of Atlantis over twelve thousand years ago and each time have successful quelled what they view to be an uprising. This time, they will not succeed; the key people will be protected and the dark’s resistance is resulting in demotions and permanent displacements within the spiritual hierarchy. I have not been involved with this, nor am I privy to more than general information but the overview above is accurate to my knowledge.
Soon, the rejuvenation command will be available and begin to be spread throughout humanity.
Eligible people receiving the rejuvenation command will have their bodies rejuvenated over a period of about three days. Three aspects will be involved. One is the ability to choose the physical age of the body and maintain that age indefinitely. Another is the first stage of what is called the Adam Kadmon body, which is the form the physical body will take after Ascension. This includes things like crystalline carbon for the cells and DNA with over two thousand strands, but the changes occurring during rejuvenation will be foundational rather than fully formed.
The third aspect is perfection of the body. Each of our bodies has a perfected image held in the etheric body and the perfection held there will be realized during rejuvenation. I met a person who lost the last joint of one of her fingers and through her association with a family of healers; it grew back and has been restored. This seems the same process of accessing that image of perfection and realizing it in the physical world. This means that people born with physical defects will have perfection restored and losses due to surgery or accidents will also be restored. This perfection is more than physical and those experiencing rejuvenation will be like beacons advertising Ascension and the power and majesty soon to come.
My own physical inventory is worth noting. I am sixty two, born in 1948, and plan to choose a physical age of thirty one, half my current age. I have all my limbs and all my digits, so nothing of note in that regard. I am missing three teeth and have numerous fillings so there is work to be done there. My upper wisdom teeth are also gone. I am near sighted, have been all my life, and look forward to having my eyesight restored to perfection. I am not missing any internal organs including my tonsils so there will be only rejuvenation and no restoration internally.
The rejuvenation command will shift people, certainly those who experience it; but also those exposed to people who have been rejuvenated. There is nothing within existing paradigms to explain rejuvenation. It will be a wakeup call for all of humanity.
Freedom for humanity…

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2 Responses to Exploring Rejuvenation

  1. trust says:

    very informative. i believe the key to turning back time (reversing aging) lies in getting control of the etheric boy which in turn will manifest as changes the physical. nothing is impossible. keep the faith!

    • Thank you, Trust. My path has shifted greatly in the 18 months since writing this information. None the less this information remains largely true and rejuvenation is ever closer as our shared reality. The shifts soon to come will include many seeming miraculous changes as we enter an age of oneness and abundance with perfect health in ageless rejuvenated bodies.

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