Wait Patiently

My life is in a ‘wait patiently’ mode right now. My guidance has brought me to my mission, at least this phase of my mission, and the Universe is busy putting in place elements that must be in place before my mission takes form, before the physical reality of life here on earth catches up to the information coming from the spirit world about what is to be. It is like waiting for a green tomato to ripen. In my youth, I would help my Mum pick the last tomatoes from the vine before the first frost would destroy them. Most were green and they would all get thrown into a cardboard box and for weeks, even months thereafter, a rummage through the box would reveal ripe tomatoes as each in their own time became ready to be eaten. My mission is like a green tomato and not until it turns ripe can I act upon it and that timing is neither mine nor can I predict it with any accuracy. I know it will happen within the next few months but when is not mine to say. Meanwhile, I wait patiently.
In May of 2008 I made the major changes necessary to become fully dedicated to my mission. I had some misconceptions at the time and went on a three month detour chasing after one of these misconceptions. The Universe arranged a mirror and I got back on track, got back to following my guidance. Then came three months of intense activity as I realized a long time dream and worked with in that context; but this was not what I came to do and the Universe arranged it to be taken from me. Only then, half a year into being fully dedicated did I begin to walk my path and live my mission.
What followed was a full year of preparation, mostly soul searching and dealing with my fears, my doubts and my karma. I am a solitary person and I walk my path and learn my lessons in a solitary way, using tools that work for me, tools like meditating, walking, and writing, all solitary pursuits. My inner guidance is always there and I follow that guidance, this I have consistently done for several years, except during the three month detour in mid 2008. This year of preparation brought me to the point of being ready to walk my path, ready to live my mission; or at least that part of my mission that is currently available to me.
Only then was I able to begin writing the blog. Prior to that time, I was not ready. Prior to that time, my fears, my doubts, and my karma prevented me from this very public and transparent activity. A major hurdle presented itself as I wrestled with the choice: To blog or not to blog. For two weeks this choice sat with me, one part of me saying ‘Blog, this is part of your mission.’ Another part saying, ‘Don’t be a fool, blogging will bring physical danger and ridicule.’ Only when I realized that my resistance was all fear based was I able to step through the portal and begin to blog. The writing was not the hard part for me. I had been writing for years but it was private, between me and higher powers, and I only showed what I wrote to those of my choice. Publishing was the hard part for me. When I put what I wrote into a blog, anyone could access it, anyone could read what I wrote. I no longer had control. That was the hard part for me.
I knew I would be writing things that some people would not like and I knew these people could access what I wrote if they so chose. Great resistance resided there. Since beginning the blog, this resistance has largely disappeared. It came up occasionally in the early months but the pattern was set. If my guidance was to publish, I published; and soon it became a matter of course.
Since publishing my blog, I have this sense of walking my path and of being consistently on course. When I wander off, which is inevitable, the blog brings me back. Marvellous feeling and considerably easier to wait patiently.
Freedom for humanity…

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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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