From my viewpoint, depression is simply a mind/body symptom of not following our inner guidance therefore creating a life and a life situation that is far removed from what we came to do, from our soul’s agenda and the life goals developed before we chose to be born into this lifetime.
There are two common pathways to this condition. The most common in today’s world is constantly ignoring your inner guidance and lord knows, we have plenty of impetus and encouragement to do just that; what with advertisers telling us their products will make us happy and the media feeding us left brain junk based on greed and fear whenever we look outward. Our schooling systems, our work places, our governments, our conventional wisdom, our financial systems, our entire way of life in the western world is designed to keep us outwardly focused and living in fear and scarcity so we will continue to ignore our inner guidance. Those few who benefit from this artificial and economic slavery want us to be outwardly focused since their parasitic way of life depends on the majority of humanity continuing to ignore their inner guidance. Many continue to embrace the illusion created by the few and chase happiness through the material world and many more have been caught in the scarcity vice and seemingly have no choice but to continue their wearying day to day existence in order to keep together body and soul. Whether by choice or seeming necessity, many of us find no time to access let alone follow our inner guidance. From personal experience, I can tell you this condition is reversible and within one’s own personal power to correct.
A less common pathway to that feeling of ‘is this all there is’ that characterizes depression is to complete the learning you targeted in this lifetime. This is a very serious condition since the normal soul level response is to die, to return to the bardo where you can plan a new lifetime and create a new aura that will attract the lessons targeted in your next lifetime. In terms of your mortality, this condition is even more dangerous and moribund than the condition of ignoring your inner guidance. When you are ignoring your inner guidance, your soul is constantly looking for ways to get you back on track and simply tuning into one’s soul (by going inward), you can take corrective action. Conversely, when you have learned the lessons you came to learn, your soul is ready to check out, ready to return to the bardo, ready to die.
Prior to the fall of Atlantis, we each had physical bodies that maintained a desired age indefinitely, so learning what we targeted to learn in this lifetime was a common thing. People experiencing this simply went to healers who had the gift of updating or recasting their client’s auras. Armed with an updated aura, the client would then return to life and attract new life lessons as the old ones were learned and completed. People could still return to the bardo, could still die, but that became a matter of choice rather than a necessity based on their present life experience having no soul level meaning, because their auras were attracting lessons already learned.
Now the good news. This skill, the skill of recasting our aura and creating a new aura suitable for the next stage of life lessons, is returning to humanity. One of my friends has this skill and welcomes clients from all walks of life and in a single session updates their auras. A very useful skill as we move toward Ascension and a new way of life where we can choose the age of our physical bodies and maintain that age indefinitely. The call for this skill will skyrocket and already others, including some of my friend’s clients are learning this skill which will become a skill available to each of us in the new world soon to come.
Freedom for humanity…

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