Worldly Success

In the fall of 1993, I was the general manager of a forty person operation and had successfully shifted their culture from a traditional hierarchy to what I call bottom up leadership. We were achieving outstanding results and because everyone shared a common vision of success, we functioned as a team; and my workload was perhaps twenty hours a week. My life goal was to bring these methods and this type of success to the entire business world and I had started up a consulting company aimed at doing just that. The company had already had some success, helping a local company create a successful team to implement a quality standards program. I had done the work, taking holidays as required. My boss, a very traditional thinker, was fortunately half a continent away and left me to do my own thing as we were highly profitable, but other business brought him to town and he began nosing around, impressed with what he found.
I decided to tell him of my side business and did so as planned during one of his visits. Not surprisingly, he reacted very negatively and forced me to choose. I chose to become a full time consultant. During the transition period, I did a several day empowerment training program with another client and the division leader showed up for two days. He gave me a negative review, effectively ending my work with this multi-sited company. This was a premonition of things to come. My business consulting career never really got off the ground and my economic situation began to disintegrate. There was a certain amount of stress in this situation, but my efforts to make it all work were focused inward and took on a spiritual quality. Throughout this process that spanned six or seven years, the small still voice within me kept saying, ‘Things will work out fine; just keep doing what you are doing.’ Each time I went inward, that was the message.
Slowly, I transitioned from business consultant to job hunter and landed a general manager’s job that lasted about eight months, with a small severance package at its end. My wife kept us afloat, managing our financial affairs and beginning to work within our shared hobby of playing bridge. We went through our savings and began to build some debt as I resisted lowering my targets and continued to search for work as a business executive. In the summer of 2000, I swallowed my pride and began accepting bridge work. Our economic woes ended and when we targeted a ‘get out of debt’ goal sometime later, it was quickly achieved aside from a very manageable mortgage which was also being paid down at an accelerated rate.
In hindsight, I can see all of this was according to a larger plan, a plan to bring me to my life’s mission. Goals targeting business success were sabotaged by my soul, while goals targeting financial independence were supported and quickly became reality. My idea was to achieve financial independence through well paying jobs; but my soul would not cooperate. In hindsight the reason is clear. I was targeting business as the vehicle to live my life’s mission and my soul knew the proper vehicle was me, just my physical body, my mind and my soul; all functioning as an integrated and coordinated entity, each sharing a common vision. The work I did in those seven years brought me to the point of being ready to be the vehicle that lived my life’s mission.
It was another four years before I took the plunge and began the process of honouring my soul’s agenda and promoting that agenda above all others. However, those seven years were the transitional years; years of shifting from worldly success to other-worldly success. Without that transition, I would have stayed on the detour of targeting success as defined in the world of form.
Freedom for humanity…

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