It seems today I am to write about revenge. Not my favourite subject and not something I have indulged in during this lifetime, even in minor ways. It seems that long ago in a distant lifetime, I learned the futility of revenge and this dark emotion has not motivated me in any way that comes to memory. As I sit with this, I find this statement not strictly true. In many times and many cases, I have withdrawn my goodwill from people, taken them from the category of people I support and placed them in the category of people who would have to fend for themselves, at least until the lesson before them is learned. That has been common for me, both in my youth and early adulthood and more lately as a mature and spiritually aware person. Revenge was not the motivation in removing myself and I planned the other no harm; this was simply in recognition that I was no longer willing to put myself at risk on their behalf and ‘knew’ myself to be either unable or unwilling to provide them help. If they were my friend, that friendship was withdrawn; if they depended in some way on me, that help was withdrawn, and if neither of these was the case I was simply removing myself from harm’s way.
‘Revenge is mine sayeth the Lord’ is my recollection of a biblical quote. Some years ago I realized the intended meaning of these words. They mean that revenge is not up to any human being and nothing more. Lord in this context is Divinity and the implied meaning that revenge is taken care of by Divinity is far from truth. In truth, Divinity does not indulge in revenge any more that the saintly among us indulge in revenge. What is meant here is that Divinity has in place a universal law that unpleasant services attract unpleasant life lessons and this immutable law takes the form of revenge. Put in another way, attracting unpleasant lessons is a natural consequence of unpleasant acts and does not require nor benefit from either human or Divine intervention.

I am presently reading a fictional series and one of the themes is revenge. What has kept my attention thus far while reading this series is the author’s accurate portrayal of human emotions and the results, especially internally, of choices made and emotions acted upon. While reading about it, the theme of revenge is being played out internally within me in ways I have not indulged in during this lifetime and that is both useful and instructive. When the revenge scene comes, I am interested in both my reaction and the effects revenge taking has on the book’s characters. Throughout my reading of the series, I have noted my responses and rare has been a portrayal that I felt to be farfetched or counter to immutable laws.
My own response to the emotion of revenge has been surprising and worth exploring. I feel the tightening and the constriction of the revenge motive. Having avoided this in real life, it is interesting to explore it in the empathic activity of reading about another’s experience. I can see the revenge trap and feel its constricting effects upon my person. In this lifetime, I did not learn forgiveness until my early forties and suffered a form of this constriction until then for although I did not target revenge, I lived in waiting for universal law to take effect and at a certain level, rejoiced when that happened. Very constrictive and a variant on the theme of revenge.
A form of wisdom is learning things through the experience of others, instead of having to go through the experience yourself, and this seems an excellent opportunity to learn the ins and outs of revenge without having to experience the negative effects firsthand. I will know if the author hits the mark and I will know if the author plays a false note. That is available to me; as it is available to us all through access to universal wisdom.
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