A Progress Report

I have been asked for a progress report following the karma clearing work done in early November. For me, that segment of my life (this segment to be precise since it is current rather than past) began some two or three weeks earlier in mid October when I first learned that my mission could go through this work. From the beginning, I sensed this to be a life changing choice and my guides made it clear that the choice was mine, not theirs and not any one’s but mine. I made the choice to pursue this avenue in mid October and experienced the karmic clearing command in early November, the forth to be exact.
Some additional work was done during the session and I learned some new ways to communicate with my body, with my higher self, and with the spirit world. I also learned a way to deal with doubt and that special fear that stands at the portal of doing what I came to do, of doing what I planned before choosing to begin this particular incarnation.
In terms of karma clearing, karma from past lifetimes seems completely handled by the karma clearing command; however, bits and pieces continue to come up from this lifetime. My father died a month or so after clearing my karma and there were residuals left due to unfinished ancestral business, some left by my Dad and some originating from his ancestors. In a week or so, this was sorted out and it seems the linage is now clear and uncorrupted, both for me and those that follow. Bits and pieces of this lifetime that I viewed as coming from less than my higher self bubbled to the surface and had to be integrated. Embracing my shadow self is a good term for it and my process is to acknowledge my choices and my actions, accept them as a legitimate part of me and welcome it all into the whole. I then run the events again using skills and capabilities acquired later in life thus reaching a different outcome and integrate that outcome into my persona. In so doing these events lose their hold on me and the whole with its maturity and service orientation is left firmly in charge.
What about fear and doubt? My fear seems to be rooted in a choice I made as an eleven year old girl about nine hundred years ago surrounding the violent death of my mother first and then me at the hands of dark agents. It seems that I chose to avoid such dealings in future lifetimes and that choice continued to express itself as fear. During the karma clearing session, I was taught to release the fear back to the facilitator. This felt very much like the process of surrendering things back to Divinity and that was the essential process I used, even during the karma clearing session. Fear has come up again, in both minor ways and in one major event. The minor ways are handled using a longstanding process of going within and surrendering to the Divinity within.
The major event was shortly after Christmas and the fear was of convincing authority figures that the rejuvenated body I hope soon to have belongs to the much older man pictured in my passport. This all took place in the wee hours and I used two techniques. One was to call in Divinity by holding that familiar energy before my third eye and the other was to surrender the fear surrounding this scenario back to Divinity. Immediately, I understood the entire scenario to be not my concern. Divinity would be with me under these circumstances and whatever transpired would be for the greatest good. I am more than happy to be an instrument of Divinity and to provide services toward the greatest good and all fear surrounding this scenario left me, and has not returned. In so doing, much of what I feared was illuminated and was no more.
Mine is to do what I am guided to do. It belongs to higher powers to see me safe, or not; and that does not really matter in the big picture. My essence, my higher self, and my soul cannot be damaged. Besides, I have this ‘knowing’ that in this lifetime; I cannot be damaged by the dark or by their agents. In this lifetime, I am to Ascend; body, mind, and soul; along with many others.
Freedom for humanity…


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