Like many others, I am watching the popular revolt in Egypt with great interest. Like few others, I continue my longstanding practice of avoiding media coverage of the event. Why would I invite in the bias and misinformation that mainstream media promotes? Through Twitter, I am getting firsthand updates from people involved in the demonstrations; it doesn’t get any better than that.
I have a friend currently in Egypt. She is a very spiritual person and has spent a good deal of time in Egypt over the past couple of years, returning recently to run a workshop there that was cancelled due to the unrest. She is on the sidelines and feeling quite safe and secure, exposed to people in sympathy to the protestors, far removed from the security forces.
Let’s do a quick history of the situation, starting with the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 that freed Egypt from British domination and royal corruption. Nasser became president and when he died in 1970, Anwar Sadat succeeded him. Sadat was thought to be a puppet of the ruling class but proved his own man and pursued an agenda of internal reform, statesmanship and peace for the region. Enter the CIA and the dark. Men of peace and independent thinkers are very unpopular with the dark since controlling them is problematic and the greater good of the people is dangerous to the dark’s plans for world domination. Good examples are not at all appreciated by the dark. Using the dark’s usual methods of financing civil unrest and malleable dissidents, Sadat was assassinated during a military parade in 1981 and Mubarak; the present unpopular leader came to power. In the usual fashion, Sadat’s reforms were reversed and Mubarak instituted his own brand of repressive dictatorship, well financed by US aid and well lubricated by corruption within his regime. Sadat’s peace continued but the spirit returned to a cold war atmosphere brewing revolutionaries and plots in every capitol with malleable leaders in both the Israeli and Arab camps. An ideal formula for the dark’s agenda of a destabilized middle east and corrupt regimes controlled by dark masters while getting further and further into debt. The dark controls the debt, thus they control the debtors.
After thirty years of this corrupt and repressive regime and with the dark’s agenda soon to end with the dark stressed everywhere one looks; the people of Egypt took events into their own hands. The youth of Egypt, using tools like Facebook and Twitter, organized a peaceful revolt and on January 25, 2011 poured into the streets in all the major towns and cities of Egypt. The demands of the protesters were beautifully crystallized in two chants: “The people want the regime down” and “Bread, freedom and human dignity”. Attempts by riot police to quell the demonstrators proved futile, so the army was called in. They were quickly co-opted by the demonstrators who hailed them as their own; standing and even sleeping in front of the tanks and taking full advantage of an army’s natural reluctance to fire upon unarmed countrymen.
The standoff continues and I really have no way of prophesying the outcome. I can say that the methods used by the protestors are sound and that similar methods will eventually result in the end of corrupt regimes the world over; but I do not know if that time is yet here. I can also say that such non-violent methods have the potential of lasting peace and lasting reform, both badly needed in our present world. My love and my blessings go out to the demonstrators of Egypt as well as to those who presently oppose them. We are all one and in the lasting reform soon to come, perhaps already started by the people of Egypt, we will all live together in peace, in harmony and in mutual prosperity, as the dark’s illusion of separation and scarcity is exposed and is no more.
May the demonstrator’s of Egypt be Divinely blessed and may their reforms be Divinely inspired.
Freedom for humanity…


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