Freedom and Egypt

Freedom and truth are inextricably linked, and one is not possible without the other. Freedom serves truth and truth serves freedom. Sometimes one leads and the other follows, then their roles are reversed. Always they go hand in hand. If I am to be free, I must express my truth.
Freedom for humanity is a big deal, a very big deal. It does not originate with me or with any person or group within humanity. In fact, it does not originate globally. It comes from Source and is part of something so large and so universal that it defies description. This blog and my surrendered self are instruments serving this universal plan.
Let’s look at the Egyptian situation in view of these principles. Truth is not yet readily available and the mainstream media continues as an instrument of the dark, continues to trumpet the lies and the illusions promoted by the establishment. Stability and control are currently far more valued by the establishment than truth and freedom.
Source is bringing freedom to humanity. That process is coming in a little less than two years, beginning with the winter solstice of 2012. That process is called Ascension. Preparations for that process are well underway and that process will succeed with or without a regime change in Egypt. Meanwhile nearly two years remain during which the dark and their systems enjoy support. All of this seems to indicate that the Egyptian situation stands or falls on its own merits. Let’s examine it as such.
The powers that be in Egypt are now using a tried and true method to quell the uprising. It is often used in situations where the use of force seems inadvisable, where force will result in undesirable consequences. That method is to wait. Retire to hearth and home, keep a watchful eye on those in opposition and simply wait them out; wait until their revolutionary ardour is spent and either a peaceful settlement advantageous to the establishment’s point of view can be negotiated, or public and world opinion abates enough that violent ousting of the remaining opposition can be successfully attempted. It is a tried and true method of the dark.
The Egyptian protestors are working within tried and true methods of the Light. Non-violent civil disobedience, pioneered in modern times by Gandhi and effectively used by Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela (after being released from prison) and many others. These methods work miracles but require one thing. The people must be with you, the people must support your cause. This does not have to be unanimous, but it does have to be widely accepted. Are the people of Egypt willing to risk public support for the protestors?
Leadership can also be an important factor. Someone who embodies the shared vision and who is supported or at least respected by the various factions sharing the vision. This is not absolutely necessary as the fall of the Berlin Wall and the ending of hostilities in Northern Ireland demonstrated. In these cases, stable systems were already in place and could simply be adopted with the support of the silent and non-militant majority. (West German democracy and British parliamentary system) Does either apply to the Egyptian situation? Does a stable system exist within Egypt to effectively replace the fear based repression currently in force? If not, is there a leader who embodies the shared vision of the various demonstrating factions?
As a summary, if the people of Egypt support the protestors at the level of a willingness to take risks, a willingness to sacrifice and join hands with the protestors, nothing else matters. The uprising will succeed. Without that, the uprising can still succeed if a leader can immerge who embodies the shared vision of deposing the current corrupt regime and replacing it with a regime targeting bread, freedom and human dignity. The third option for success is a stable system already in place that can be adopted. I do not know of such a system, but I am far removed from the situation.
Freedom for the Egyptian people. Freedom for humanity…


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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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