Bread, Freedom and Human Dignity

The people who filled the streets and Tahrir square in Egypt in the early days of revolt chanted two slogans. One was “The people want the regime down” and the other was “Bread, freedom and human dignity”. Regime change is necessary for these measures to be implemented but also possible is a regime change that sees none of these things change in meaningful ways. In fact, a regime change could result is something even worse, so regime change is not the measure of success for this revolt.
The revolt is nearing the point of succeeding in its first objective, nearing the point when Mubarak resigns. What then? A variety of hurdles remain and is the regime really down as long as the military continues to rule the country? The military took over in 1952 and is closing in on sixty years of uninterrupted rule. The military is showing no signs of leaving voluntarily, with Suleiman cuing up to take over and the hierarchy still solidly behind military rule. However, let’s make the assumption that the revolt succeeds to the extent of true regime change and Egypt is no longer governed by the military. Would that constitute success?
To me, the second slogan is a far better measure of the revolt’s success: “Bread, freedom and human dignity”; and at the end of the day, that will be my measuring stick. Are the Egyptian people free from economic slavery brought about by crushing debts incurred by self interested military leaders and the self interested economic terms enforced by bankers, both foreign and internal? Are the people of Egypt free to express their opinions and follow the urgings of their hearts and that small still voice within; and do they have the economic wherewithal to do just that? Are the Egyptian people able to go about their daily lives with human dignity, able to express their views and support others expressing their views, without treat from intelligence sources, from the military and corrupt police forces? Do the leaders of the country serve the people or do the people serve the leaders?
Why is the Egyptian revolt attracting such widespread interest? Because at a deep level it is about the greater good vs. self interest. Mubarak and his regime are all about self interest while the protestors are all about the greater good. That is what sparked and held my interest. I began following the revolt a week or so ago and it looked as if it might be a venue where the greater good triumphed over self interest and brought the greater good energies of Ascension to an entire nation. Greater good does not ride on the backs of violence or force, greater good comes from the hearts and minds of honourable people and the revolt is tapping into this resource. How far this revolt gets and the legacy it leaves behind is still being written and my blessings go to out to the protestors and their leadership.
Wael Ghonim remains the leader of the revolt. May he and the other leaders remain true to the wishes of the people and guide the revolution they started toward a final destination of “bread, freedom and human dignity”.
Freedom for humanity…


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