Resistance to Ascension

Ascension energies are being beamed to earth on a regular basis continuing a process that is accelerating as we near the end of the current era on December 21, 2012, less than seven hundred days from today. This is not a steady or continuous process, instead Divinity and high beings of Divinity’s creation send intense inputs over a period of a few days, usually centred around a solar event such as a full moon, a solstice or equinox, an eclipse, etc. and then wait for the energies to be absorbed and integrated. These energies are designed to serve a purpose. In general terms the purpose served is Ascension, both for humanity and the entire solar system in which we live, but as specific needs arise, these energies are customized accordingly.
Although Ascension is specific to our solar system, in cosmic terms a mere dot on the edge of a vast galaxy which is only one among a vast array of galaxies, the effect of the ascension of our solar system is far greater and will ripple through the known universe. Why? Earth is the last stronghold of the dark anywhere in the universe and when earth ascends; the dark will have no home. In cosmic terms, the expansion of the universe is ending and the implosion is beginning as we all return to cosmic centre where Divinity resides. There we all wait until the next big bang begins a new cycle. These are long cycles indeed, stretching into billions of years. In spiritual terms, the Ascension of our solar system is planned to coincide with the end of the outbreath of Brahma and the beginning of the inbreath.
The current cycle is many billions of years old and a variety of energies have been created and given free will. Some of these energies chose self interested parasitic ways and have evolved to the point of being either incapable of returning to a path of service or perhaps simply unwilling to do so. They have stoutly resisted earth’s Ascension knowing it signalled the end of viable life styles based on self interest, since there is no place else to go. I do not know their history or even very much about them, but it seems as though their way of life was more and more marginalized as various parts of the universe transcended their parasitic way of life and earth with its dark masters became their last stronghold.
These parasitic life forms are energetic beings, expressing themselves as a form of consciousness; they are not physical beings. They manipulate physical being and live off the fruits of their manipulations, but are not themselves in physical form. The variety and intricacy of their defences against Ascension are considerable and although I have not been directly involved in dealing with any of this, I am aware of that much. By cosmic law, those who Ascend must clear away those who oppose them; and in much the same way as karma cannot be carried from one dimension to the next, those who Ascend cannot carry with them any parasites from lower dimensions. It seems that because earth has the lowest vibration in the universe, these parasitic forms cannot be sent anywhere and they are being destroyed with their energies being returned to the background energies which are used for all new creations.
The energies being beamed to earth over the past year or two have specifically targeted this resistance and these parasitic energies along with the intricate defences they have created have slowly but surely been dismantled. A major victory was gained in mid November only a few months ago but strongholds and pockets of resistance remained. The energies of a recent solar flare and the energies being sent during the coming full moon target the last of this resistance.
The next step in the Ascension process is rejuvenation. The energies to allow rejuvenation were sent during the winter solstice of 2010, a couple of moons ago, but this resistance has delayed rejuvenation being made manifest in humanity. That is expected to change very soon allowing rejuvenation to begin to be made available to those choosing Ascension.
Freedom for humanity…


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