Some Predictions

I would love to help the people of Egypt to achieve ‘bread, freedom and human dignity’ but that is not what I came to do and that is not what is being given me to do.
I am here for Ascension. Part of humanity is going to Ascend and the other part is not, in accordance with the free will of each individual. This is true for Egyptians, true for Canadians, true for every nation on earth. The part of humanity that Ascends can look forward to a beautiful future. In fact, a golden age for that part is a surety. Why? The free will choice that divides humanity is essentially self interest versus the greater good. Those who value the greater good will be able to Ascend, while those who value self interest will not.
Since all who Ascend place great value on the greater good, the gross choices made in our present world will not travel with us into Ascension. There will be much to do and many choices to be made, but a repeat of the mess humanity presently finds itself will not happen. The Ascended world may create their own mess, but far more likely are timelines of peace, prosperity and service to all. I look forward to being a part of this incredible experience.
A year ago, I was not sure which path I would take. Perhaps my role was to stay behind with the part of humanity who does not Ascend and help them because eventually we all Ascend, eventually we all learn our lessons and move into the higher dimensions. In the past few months I made my choice to focus on Ascension and to do whatever is given me to do in terms of maximizing the number of people choosing Ascension and helping humanity move smoothly toward Ascension.
What about the part a humanity choosing to remain in the third dimension, choosing essentially to continue the path that exists or will exist at the winter solstice of 2012?
Time and again, the message comes, ‘That is not your role; that is not what you came to do. Those things belong to others.’ Still, we are all living together for the next six hundred plus days and there are bound to be opportunities for those choosing Ascension to influence those who do not. Allow me to make a few predictions based on what I know, with perhaps a dollop of optimism thrown in.
The illusion in which we currently live will be shattered irretrievably and everyone will recognize the hidden agenda of the self interested elite to control the world.
The covert government of unelected elite who focus entirely on self interest will be deposed, replaced by Lightworkers focused on the greater good. Things like the Egyptian revolt continue the pressure and demonstrate the effectiveness of non-violent resistance, plus the energies of Ascension continue to ramp up causing more and more people to awaken and see through the illusion. The elite hope to weather the next six hundred plus days, but that will not happen.
The current banking systems will be recognized for what they are: tools the elite uses to subjugate the rest of humanity. These tools include all national debts and all or most of this debt will be forgiven. It seems likely that interest charges on debt will be legislated against since that is the foundational tool the elite has used to gain mastery. In any event, world banking systems will no longer be run by the self interested elite, and steps will be taken to prevent a repeat of the current debacle.
The truth will be widely known and the truth will set us free; free of economic slavery at the hands of the world’s elite.
Freedom for humanity…

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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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