Waiting for Rejuvenation

I have a friend, let’s call him Dan, that I see a few times each year who is interested in my views but very sceptical. He is soon to retire from a large corporation that took the new millennium scare very seriously and at our last meeting a couple months ago he expressed the view that the winter solstice of 2012 will be just like that experience; much ado about nothing.
Dan has been great training for me in terms of accepting and allowing another’s free will. We have a long history going back two or three decades and he knew me when I was at my competitive best, or worst, depending on your point of view. This means that learning new skills with Dan have the further obstacle of clashing with well established patterns of behaviour; habits would not be too strong a word. These patterns included the left brain desire to convince or compel another to accept our point of view; and so instead of using dialogue where we each strive to understand the other knowing we can latter choose our response to the new information thus collected, we sometimes fall into the established pattern of debate where we each strive to convince the other that our point of view is correct. This is unwitting on my part since dialogue is now my exclusive intention in any conversation, but old patterns with old friends die hard.
There are usually other people involved, and the rest generally take the information I give them as information from a credible albeit a bit weird source and they go on about their business, simply adding it to the growing pile of John’s weird views. Dan sometimes chooses to challenge the information. These are the times when I have the opportunity to learn new skills, the skills of switching from the invited debate and returning to my preferred dialogue. I am getting better at this, for instance when Dan told me he expects 12-21-2012 to be a repeat of 1-1-2000, I said, ‘I can understand that, but suppose I walk through your front door looking thirty years younger, might you then take 2012 more seriously?’
‘That would change things,’ said Dan; and there we left it.
Part of my new learning is to avoid preaching, so I no longer bring up my views uninvited, nor do I proceed without permission. This has shifted things greatly since I no longer force anything on those who do not what to hear or be exposed to my way of thinking. This is entirely within my control and has worked very well for me.
In many ways Dan’s views are an analogy of Ascension. The masses have little interest in Ascension. Most have not even heard of it and for that smaller group who have heard of it, most believe it to be some crack pot point of view that will fade into the past just as many such prophets and points of view have faded before. The world’s elite is skilled at creating false flags and 1-1-2000 has their fingerprints all over it. They knew it would be nothing but used their media control to blow it up and create fear, knowing its failure would benefit them when the real thing came along a decade or so later.
There is no way to explain rejuvenation within the illusion created by the world’s elite and when rejuvenation begins to happen, it will change things. It will be like a bomb going off in the viewer’s subconscious when they encounter a rejuvenated person, especially so for people who knew that person before they were rejuvenated.
Meanwhile, I wait. There is not much I can do, nor is there much that is being given me to do, until rejuvenation. Then people will ask, then I will be invited to tell what I know and those listening will be motivated to take me seriously. That is all part of the Divine plan.
Freedom for humanity…

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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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