Carbon Seven

Let’s begin with a short chemistry lesson.
Carbon is the sixth element in the periodic table and stable forms of any element have equal numbers of protons and electrons, the positive and negative forms of subatomic particles. Protons cluster in the centre of the element, called the nucleus, while electrons whiz about in orbits around the nucleus. Electrons have almost no mass, so the mass of any element is made up of its protons and particles with no electronic charge called neutrons. Many elements have more than one form, called isotopes, with the addition or subtraction of neutrons.
The usual form of carbon here on earth and in the third dimension is carbon twelve, with a nucleus of six protons and six neutrons. Another form of carbon is well known and used to date carbon bearing artefacts. This isotope is called carbon fourteen and it has the usual six protons to balance the electrical charge of the six electrons, but has two additional neutrons, thus eight instead of the usual six. (Eight neutrons plus six protons is fourteen) Atmospheric carbon has a certain percentage of carbon fourteen since it is always being made by some atmospheric reaction. This form is not stable here on earth, and decays back to carbon twelve over time, thus its usefulness in terms of dating artefacts. Enough about carbon fourteen.
The most important form of carbon for Ascension is a form called crystalline carbon. This isotope of carbon has seemingly magical or miraculous powers, such as giving people an ability to materialize physical things and move about by will. Mystics and saints have accessed these powers over the ages and these powers will be common place after Ascension. Everyone will be able to materialize their material wants and needs, so hunger, thirst, clothing, shelter, etcetera will no longer be issues and money will be of little consequence. Crystalline carbon is not stable in today’s world or in this solar system, so those having access to it have been rare.
Crystalline carbon is an isotope of carbon called carbon seven. As the name suggests it has seven particles in the nucleus, one neutron surrounded by six protons; like setting down one penny, the single neutron; and surrounding it with six more, the protons. For reasons I do not yet understand, this isotope is not stable in the world we live in, but the reasons are related to the low energies of the third dimension. All of that will change as we approach Ascension and the burst of energies coming to us beginning with the winter solstice of 2012, less than seven hundred days from now. After Ascension, carbon seven will be the stable form and heavier carbon atom will be unstable.
Carbon is a major building block in all organic matter, including human bodies and is a major component of our cells and of the DNA within our genes. This crystalline form (carbon seven) has far greater energy carrying properties and those properties will be necessary for living within the elevated energy levels that will be present after the winter solstice of 2012. The coming process of rejuvenation allows those who experience it to use carbon seven, the crystalline form of carbon, to build cellular material and DNA. It seems likely that the carbon within our bodies will transmute to carbon seven with the burst of energies coming at the winter solstice and those with rejuvenated bodies will experience this without difficulty while those without rejuvenation will be teleported to the bifurcated earth staying in the lower energies of the third dimension, where carbon twelve is stable.
Enough metaphysics for today. Those of you wanting to Ascend can simply set the intention of making yourself available for the rejuvenation command which is not yet available, but coming soon.
Freedom for humanity…

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3 Responses to Carbon Seven

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  2. ronmamita says:

    A friendly suggestion:
    Please provide resource and observable research (hyperlinks or references) with your theories and writings.
    Thank you for sharing
    LOVE & Peace

    • Thank you for your suggestion. I am a mystic, not a scientist and much of what I write about has no references and no evidence procedure. I lived much of my life accepting the premise that if something could not be proven it was to be discarded (I have a degree in Chemical Engineering) so I understand your suggestion. My life began to shift in the nineties and I found I had access to far more information than I had previously allowed using the narrow lens of requiring proof. If that is still your lens, this blog is not for you. If you want to expand your horizons and understand your inner world, you are welcome to take what resonates and of course leave the rest.
      Love and Blessings

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