The Soul’s Agenda

I know that accepting and honouring the guidance emanating from my soul has been the formula for congruency and for walking the path I came to walk. I came to this way of living by degrees, taking the intention to improve myself some twenty years ago, accepting Divinity as a reality in my life about seven years later, targeting to develop the spiritual part of me six years after that; and at long last surrendering to Divinity in May 2006. And so, for the past five years, I have lived congruently and walked the path I came to walk, not as a half measure, not when it suited me, but as my priority.
When I cleared my karma nearly three months ago, the facilitator explained to me that my soul knows what is truly important and will override attempts by the conscious part of me to create or manifest things that do not serve what is truly important. What is truly important according to my soul was clearing my karma because karma cannot be carried into a higher dimension; therefore clearing my third dimensional karma is necessary for my soul’s purpose; which is to Ascend into higher dimensions and therefore move closer to Divinity.
In the sixteen weeks since experiencing the karmic clearing command, a variety of things have come my way related to karma created in this lifetime. One way to look at this is that karma cuts two ways, I have karma with another soul and…the other soul has karma with me. My karma is not cleared until I do my part in terms of the other soul clearing their karma with me. It does not feel as though the other soul can hold me hostage once I have done my part, but it does feel as though a second step, the step of doing my part has been necessary in some situations. There was also some ancestral karma that fell to me to be cleared and these processes seemed very similar. Once I did what was given me to do, my karma was cleared and I was no longer held hostage.
This past week or so, I have felt a bit at loose ends. Part of that is waiting for my mission to become available to me, which has been mentioned in my blog both directly and indirectly. That part is beyond my control. Last night, it came to me that there is another part to this feeling of loose ends and that part is entirely within my control.
What is that part? My soul no longer has an overriding agenda. My soul is now ready, willing and able to assist me wholly and congruently to manifest whatever I so choose. Let’s do a before and after to illustrate the point. Before: My soul brought an overriding agenda into this lifetime and that agenda was to clear my third dimensional karma and conscious agendas that were not compatible with that overriding agenda were sabotaged. After: My soul’s overriding agenda of clearing my third dimensional karma has been achieved and my soul is now willing to cooperate with whatever conscious agendas I care to put forth.
Cooperating with conscious agendas is the soul’s natural function; it is in fact exactly what the soul does. It is time for me to sit with this and see what I can see. It is time for me to once again activate this natural symbiotic relationship between my life situation and my soul. It is time for me to play a conscious role in terms of manifesting what I want into the world of form. My soul and the power of manifestation that it embodies is now available to me, completely and without overriding agendas.
What do I care to do with this magnificent Divine power?
Freedom for humanity…

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