The Ruling Elite

It came to me recently that I can make better use of the waiting time that is currently upon me. My prime purpose is related to Ascension but the work I came to do is not yet available to me as the Universe sorts out some complications and nothing has been given me to do as this sorting takes place. My prep work is essentially done and this time can be put to good use.
What do I want to do with this time? I looked at this from two aspects. One is my personal life, what Eastern mystics call my body/world, and things are pretty much on track here with my priorities being manifest in accordance with the timing of the universe.
In terms of changes in the world of form, the world we live in, there is something I very much want to manifest. I want to blow up the illusion created by the ruling elite. I want to expose that illusion for what it is and help my fellow travellers to see thru the ruling elite’s illusion. That would seem a great gift to present to the world of form. Since the world of form is a shared experience, I cannot do this alone; but what I can do is share my experience and in so doing, add to the growing body of shared experience that will soon sweep the ruling elite’s carefully crafted illusion into the dust bin of history, where it belongs.
As little as four years ago, the illusion was my personal experience. That began to change when I visited a past life facilitator and his wife, who opened me to hearing their perception of the world. Their stuff seemed pretty farfetched; a ruling elite supported by then President Bush and US foreign policy. In fact, it is the ruling elite who call the shots for elected officials the world over. I took it all in, neither believing nor disbelieving and accepted it all as one way of looking at the world. Thus opened to the mother of all conspiracy theories, I began to evaluate information and events from both points of view and I became open to information and evidence that was previously discarded. Slowly, I came to see more and more evidence supporting this way of looking at the world.
About two years ago, I asked my guides to help me understand the situation and provide me with an education so that I could do what I am to do it terms of making this world a better place, both for those alive today and for future generations. Books began to call to me and one even jumped off the shelf and landed at my feet. Some of it was tough reading as it is not a pretty picture, but slowly it all fit into place. Eventually I read David Icke’s …and the truth shall set you free, which tied it all together into a coherent whole. Here it is in summary form:
There exists a covert and unelected governing group that we are calling the ruling elite. The ruling elite call the shots for elected officials, especially in the US and in Great Britain, the current and former preeminent world powers. All major decisions on foreign policy go through the ruling elite and elected officials who do not do their bidding are in grave danger and tend to meet unfortunate fates. The principle source of the ruling elite’s power is the world’s banking systems. The banks they own lend money to governments in the form of national debt and interest payments on these debts fund the ruling elite and enslave taxpayers the world over. The ruling elite own and control all major media outlets and none of this is talked about in public or in any of the media within their control.
The good news is that this is changing and changing fast. The internet is outside of the ruling elite’s control and although they are attempting to close this leak, it is too little and too late. Thousands awake every day and soon all of this will be public knowledge, ending the ruling elite’s long reign.
Freedom to humanity…

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