Illegal Interest

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One of today’s best picture nominees at the Academy Awards is called Winter’s Bone. Three children and a mentally disabled mother are struggling to survive when the father disappears before his trial date after posting their home and property for bail. The oldest child, a seventeen year old sister, is the main caregiver and can keep possession by proving the father dead.
This same scenario is played out in countless places and times in ordinary life; except those disadvantaged people in danger of losing their property do not have any option other than coming up with the money required to make their payments. Failure to do so triggers legally supported mechanisms that result in the disadvantaged people forfeiting their property back to the bank that loaned them the money to buy the property in the first place. The bank then sells the repossessed property to another buyer, often lending them the money with which to make the purchase.
In today’s world, all such loans carry interest charges and the disadvantaged people making these purchases end up paying double or more the agreed price because interest is accrued and must be paid before any portion of the loan can be repaid.
Two questions arise. Who is the beneficiary of this way of doing business and what would be the effect of making interest charges illegal?
The most obvious beneficiary of our current lending practices is the banks and the people who own them. They lend credit and charge interest on the loan. A very profitable business and the laws are such that only a select few are licensed to engage in this practice; and risk free since the banks have first call on the assets in the event the creditors default. Are there other beneficiaries? Certainly not the people who borrow the money. The people who borrow would be better off if they could come up with the needed money and not have to borrow it from a bank; or failing that, find a non-interest charging lender. Some are fortunate enough to have one of these options, but many are not.
What would be the effect of making interest charges illegal? Buyers would benefit greatly from this simple change. They would continue to purchase homes and property as before except they would pay the agreed price and no more, either in a onetime transaction or on instalments as agreed. Sellers would neither be advantaged, nor disadvantaged, since they would get their agree price, the same as before. Banks would suffer a huge loss of income; in fact some may even go out of business. Would that be bad? As long as some mechanism continued in place to make money available to potential buyers, the loss of banks does not represent any true loss to society. We simply lose a parasitic element who add no value to the world in which we live.
Why does humanity continue to allow interest charges on loans? Because the ruling elite knows charging interest is in their best interest and the ruling elite is currently a purely or at least primarily self interested group of people. They are not concerned with what serves humanity or with the greater good. Their sole concern is self interest.
It is time for humanity to rise up and take back their power. It is time for humanity to set the rules rather than accepting the rules as laid down by the ruling elite.
It is a simple matter to make charging interest illegal and a simple matter to enforce such a concept. Let us take back our power and make charging interest on loans illegal.
Freedom for humanity…

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