A New World

For the last five or six days I have been living in a world that does not allow interest to be charged on debts. Not literally of course, because that change has not yet come, but figuratively – in my mind’s eye and in that other-worldly realm that I can go to at will and test drive various choice points. Try it for yourself and see what you find.
What have I found? This world has a very different feel to it. Making money is no longer much of a driving force, it just does not seem very important. It is not dog eating dog and the struggle to be among the haves rather than being relegated to the have-nots. All of this seems transcended, replaced by a sense of service to our fellow humans and a genuine sense of ‘How can I help you.’
Bankers are completely transformed, not necessarily individually, but certainly those drawn to that vocation are very different from the current breed. Instead of lording it over those who come for loans, there is a sense of facilitating, of asking questions and getting to the root of the other’s desire to take on the obligation of repaying the debt they are requesting in order to rent or own whatever they are targeting with the loan. ‘Are you sure that is what you want to do? Is this really the direction you want to take your life?’
The individual is similarly transformed. Instead of acting out of a desire for self preservation or status or greed, each is infused with a desire to do what they came to do, to live the life they came to live. Each has a sense of purpose and a sense of being nurtured, a sense of serving others with their gifts and talents. Rarely is anyone acting alone, as each has community and all work in concert. This is not the immediate result of making interest on debt illegal, but naturally comes as that very different world evolves.
As I move up in scale from the individual buying a house or some property or a small business, this same sense of service imbues me. Corporations are no longer motivated by the almighty dollar because it is no longer almighty. Instead, greed and exploitation leads to bankruptcy and closed doors and now, those corporations skilled at providing services have the inside track. The laws making charging interest illegal are soon followed, not by laws but by a pervasive knowing that corporations are here to serve humanity and not the other way around. More on this at some other time.
The current ruling elite lose their power. Without the leverage of charging interest on debt, their entire illusion decays very quickly. There is a transformation and the ruling elite become people targeting the greater good, rather than people targeting self interest. The entire focus of our global society shifts very quickly. Instead of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, this class distinction decays and is soon no more. We are all one.
It may not happen this way; but the fact remains that the simple change of making charging interest on debt illegal would drive this type of change. However it happens, this type of change is coming and coming fast. Partly because our current economic practices are unsustainable and the house of cards thus created will crumble and fall. Partly because there is a growing legion of service oriented people, of people who value and target the greater good and who are not susceptible to corruption or greed. These people are standing in the wings and are gaining ever greater support as the energies of Ascension are beamed our way. These people will replace the current ruling elite and the world we live in will change in beautiful and beneficial ways.
Instead of a timeline leading to doom and destruction, the new ruling elite will galvanize a timeline of a golden age where everyone can live the life they came to live.
Freedom for humanity…


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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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