Three Things

The group of like-minded people has been a catalyst to relearn an important lesson; that it is far more effective to move toward something you want rather than away from something you don’t. I learned this lesson a year or so ago when my blog began focussing on things I did not want. Part of the reason is that we give our power to that upon which we focus, so putting our focus on things we don’t want is a common way of giving away our power.
The group made me aware that a recent communication was falling back into that unwanted pattern and once aware, I spent much of the rest of the day attempting to clarify what it is that I want. Clarifying what I don’t want is a much easier task since it is already manifest, whereas clarify what I want is more of a challenge since it is still in conceptual form and may or may not become manifest.
This morning dawned with clarity and I wrote it down and sent it to the group. What I want is to facilitate and expedite three things:
1. The earth changes required for Gaia and earth to Ascend
2. Freedom for all of humanity not just the portion that Ascends
3. Truth in all matter including current and past abuses by the ruling elite.
Let’s flesh out each of these a little:
The earth changes required for Gaia and earth to Ascend. In truth, I am targeting the entire process of Ascension whereby humanity, earth and our entire solar system moves from its current energies in the third dimension into the higher energies of the fifth dimension. The group’s focus is on aspects pertaining to humanity, so I was expanding their focus to include Gaia and Mother Earth.
Freedom for all of humanity; not just the portion that Ascends. We live in a free will Universe and out of respect for free will, each of us is being given the choice to take part, or not, in the Ascension process. That means that some of us will be Ascending into the fifth dimension and some will not, choosing to remain in a third dimensional alternative. I am targeting freedom for both portions of humanity, not just the portion that Ascends. My choice is to Ascend, but we are all here together until the winter solstice of 2012 and during that time, part of my target is to bring freedom to all of humanity, irrespective of their Ascension choice.
Truth in all matters including current and past abuses by the ruling elite. Our current media is firmly under the thumb of the ruling elite and much is hidden because it does not serve the ruling elite. My target is to eliminate this filter and create a media that reports the truth, not some sanitized version beneficial to the ruling elite. Much of what we are not proud of as human beings is a direct result of the self interested machinations of the ruling elite and my target is to have this fairly and widely reported; to rewrite history in accordance with truth, rather than the present history as written by the self serving ruling elite. Things like 9/11, the Gulf oil spill, both world wars, banking systems and interest on debt are all creations of the ruling elite and the truth will set us free.
While working toward clarity, I saw Matt Damon’s latest movie, The Adjustment Bureau, and it goes a long way toward explaining the illusion currently created by the ruling elite including a segment where the elite gives their historical fiction that the ills of humanity are due to human tendencies and human weaknesses. In truth, left to their own devices humanity is all about love and it is the ruling elite that have created our darkest hours.
Freedom for humanity…


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2 Responses to Three Things

  1. Renee Setaro says:

    This is great John…Thank you for a well written Post.

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