Women’s Day

Today is women’s day and more than half the world’s population is being honoured. On this special day, let us reflect on the driving forces behind making women in many parts of the world into second class citizens and denying women everywhere their natural right to share power equally with men.
Within the next few months, certainly before the winter solstice of 2012, humanity will rise up and take back their power. It will not be the leaders and the politicians that do this, it will be the people. We are seeing stirrings of this unstoppable power with the Arab revolt, first in Tunisia, then in Egypt which seems a model for us all and now in Libya and it will not stop there, as the revolt will soon spread across the Suez Canal into the Arab countries in Eurasia.
A long dormant force is also stirring and that is the women of this world. When the dark took over with the fall of Atlantis, nearly thirteen thousand years ago, one of their primary initiatives was to elevate male powers and suppress female powers. Male dominated societies were nurtured and supported all over the world and balanced societies were swept away by force wherever and whenever they were encountered. The men only activity of warfare became the way of resolving disputes and might made right. Religion was taken over by the dark and a ruling priest class created doctrines marginalizing women, often employing male only clergy; and sometimes going to the extreme of requiring celibacy within their priest class.
The women of this world are stirring, not only in the Arab world where they are playing an ever greater part in the revolt, but the world over. Women are the stabilizing force and the glue that holds together the peace in Northern Ireland. That same balance and return to sanity is a grassroots movement, led by women and supported by men and this force may well lead a revolt in both the so called free world and the so called third world, as women the world over rise up and say, ‘Enough is enough.’
The energies of Ascension support balance and these energies are emboldening women the world over and softening men, making them agreeable to balanced power sharing. There is a female aspect in us all and that aspect is being empowered; not to take over from men, but to bring balance. Instead of men ruling and excluding women, there will be balance as men and women rule together. Malalai Joya’s book A Woman among Warlords has a chapter called A Bird with One Wing and it is all about how the other wing, the female has been clipped. A bird with one wing cannot fly, cannot be what it was intended; male dominated governments the world over suffer this ignominious fate. As with the Arab revolt, led by the people and including both men and women, the revolt to bring balance will be led by the people and include both men and women.
Otherwise we continue as a bird with one wing and cannot fly. Only with balance can humanity gain freedom, only with balance can we fly; only with balance can we Ascend.
Humanity is stirring. Humanity is taking back their power and a major driving force is balance, balance between the male and female. We need both to fly. We need both to Ascend. And…those who chose not to Ascend need both in order to save their world from doom and destruction.
Freedom for humanity…


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