I wrote this post called Balance and posted it on November 3 of last year. It seems a very apporpriate follow up to yesterday’s post called Women’s Day and I am choosing to repost an edited version as today’s entry.

Let’s explore balance from a human perspective, from the perspective of consciousness. It is clear that today’s world is severely out of balance. I was given experiences dealing with dark agents while in the business community and they lacked balance in the same way as the world lacks balance. In balance, forces we commonly call male forces are balanced and counterbalanced by forces we commonly call female forces. In balance, we don’t go too far with our male forces before bringing in female forces to balance the energy and support the others who are being affected by our interaction. In balance, wars are unthinkable. In balance, exploitation of other humans or of earth’s resources is unthinkable. In balance, control is unthinkable. In balance, the free will of everyone involved is respected. In balance, those given power support and nurture those who gave them power. In balance, abusing our power is a sure way to lose it.
I understand balance. I bring an intuitive knowing about balance and access universal knowing in respect to balance. Many of my past lives were about bringing balance into the world in which I lived and creating an oasis of balance in a world lacking balance. It may be possible to be out of balance by using only female energies, although I cannot think of an example from my own experience. Radical feminism may be an example, but it seems to me their excesses are created by the use of male forces, after excluding males from their clan. Certainly, today’s imbalances are all about using male forces at the exclusion of the balancing female forces. The dark do this routinely in all that they do.
In one past life journey, I was shown lifetimes as female archetypes where I experienced the pattern of females who succeeded in bringing balance to human situations where it was lacking. One was Lady Godiva and I was Lady Godiva riding naked through the town square on market day. I did this with such grace, presence and dignity that all who witnessed were transformed. Instead of becoming a laughing stock, my medieval world was transformed and my husband, the Lord of that region kept his part of the bargain and ended exploitive practices and honoured the balancing female powers I brought in abundance.
Another was as Joan of Arc, leading male troops in battle with a similar grace, presence and dignity. The English troops who opposed us had no will and melted away, returning the occupied French lands to those who lived there.
Another was more complex. I was Athena and supported lightly armoured troops on horseback as they triumphed over traditional foot soldiers. The man I loved was injured in the aftermath and my dream of bringing balance to this war torn region was scuppered as others took control and continued the unbalanced male dominated way of living.
My business success was built on bringing balance to work places under my span of control. As such, I treated those who worked for me as the experts in what they did and facilitated their success, supporting them in terms of making their own decisions. In workplaces dominated by male energies, decisions are forced upward and control is the target. In balanced workplaces, decisions are made at the lowest possible level and empowerment is the target. A balanced workplace requires a shared vision of success and creating an environment that supported and renewed this shared vision was my primary job.
Freedom for humanity…


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