The group of over two hundred like-minded people that was formed a few days ago shares one defining characteristic. They are all Lightworkers and like Lightworkers the world over, many are struggling with abundance issues. In 2004, I took the intention of creating a whole new circle of Lightworker friends and that intention has borne much fruit, even before this massive infusion; and many of those friends suffer similar abundance issues, so it is not a phenomenon unique to this group, it is a widely held experience for Lightworkers the world over. Why would that be? Why would people dedicated to making this world a better place struggle with abundance issues?
Two factors come to mind. The first is that today’s world is heavily influenced by the ruling elite and they have no desire to bring abundance to anything or anyone except themselves and their cronies. The systems and practices of today’s world reward self interest and exploitive practices. This sort of thing is constantly reinforced in the media, also controlled by the ruling elite, and a few rich people with no social conscience get richer while the rest of the world gets poorer. That does not mean to say that every rich person has adopted exploitive practices, or that no Lightworkers are rich, because there are exceptions to every rule. However, in general the super rich are not Lightworkers and indulge in extremely exploitive practices. Even being comfortably well off often comes at a price. As an executive in business, I was constantly dealing with pressures do things that supposedly helped the bottom line while hurting those who worked for me. Eventually, I left that caustic environment.
The other factor is our soul’s agenda. Most of us are familiar with the law of attraction and many Lightworkers have attempted to bring abundance into their lives through application of this law. Manifesting abundance one might call it. For many Lightworkers, these attempts end up sabotaged in some way as the Universe does not cooperate or some part of themselves sabotages the effort. Why would this be?
For many Lightworkers, their soul’s agenda in this lifetime is centred on Ascension and the soul knows that Ascension is not possible without clearing our karma. In many cases, abundance provides a detour from karma clearing activities and the soul will sabotage the abundance initiative in order to bring more lessons and opportunities to clear our karma. This was my experience time and again. Essentially my soul would not cooperate in creating abundance and ease in my life since being comfortable and having worldly success was not my soul’s mission. My second wife and I were well on our way to a comfortable retirement, which is what she wanted, but my soul knew I came with a mission and targeted actions that would attract my mission. Had I succeeded as per my abundance plan, I might well have missed out on my mission. As I gave my soul more and more authority in my life, shifts naturally took place targeting my mission and my abundance plan became less and less compelling.
I was no longer conflicted and I was taken care of materially, abundance in its own way, but the material wealth and status targeted in my egoic abundance plans were sabotaged and all that did not support my mission fell away.
Back to karma clearing. Once my karma was cleared and the residuals were dealt with, my soul became ready and willing to honour my abundance desires. I can now bring abundance into my life in whatever form I desire. Trouble is I only want to live comfortably and complete my mission, and that required no change from my current path. Once my mission is complete, my completion (twin flame) will come into my life; so even there I am happily on track. Just keep doing what I am doing.
Freedom for humanity…


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2 Responses to Abundance

  1. Sabina says:

    Thank you John, I found this article to be very insightful….something to meditate on.

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