Clarifying my Thoughts

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My purpose in writing the blog is to provide humanity with information about Ascension that is truthful, and targets a successful outcome where all who choose in their heart to Ascend have the opportunity to do so; and to assist Gaia/Mother Earth in completing her required Ascension preparations as smoothly and with as little destruction as possible. Let’s call this my fifth dimensional objective.
I am also targeting a beautiful and beneficial timeline for that portion of humanity who choose to remain in the third dimension. To me, this means removing the current self interested ruling elite from power and destroying the illusion they have created. I do not intend to stay in the third dimension, but we are all together for the next six hundred plus days and doing this work while we are all together seems a natural and desirable outcome of the Ascension preparations. In fact, the ruling elite is resisting Ascension and interfering with the free will choices of those still caught in the illusion. Therefore, it may well be necessary to destroy their illusion prior to Ascension. Let’s call this my third dimensional objective.
Everything about my blog is being done on a purely volunteer and altruistic basis and has no commercial value, nor is one targeted. I have no debt of any kind and I have enough money coming in to meet my ongoing expenses, I also ‘know’ that whatever funding is needed for the work I volunteer to do will be made available. I made major changes in May 2008 in order to make myself fully available for working within Ascension. I left my marriage, sold my house, and retired from the work I was doing. I now rent in the home of my daughter and concentrate my full attention on whatever work is given me within my focus on Ascension and my intention to be of service to humanity and to Mother Earth. I believe the information coming to us that each of us will be able to manifest all our survival needs after Ascending, so money will be of little or no value in the Ascended world. Why target to take something with me that has little or no value. As such, my only monetary concern is to have enough to give me free will for the remaining time prior to Ascension and I have that kind of money. In short, I am traveling light. Not for everyone, I know, but that is my choice.
One of the group members took offence at my posts referencing my blog and asked the moderator to intervene. The moderator put it out to the group in a very balanced way and anonymously printed the members request for intervention. The group is chewing on all of this and after sleeping on it my choice is to say my piece. Writing helps me to clarify and that is a part of the purpose of this writing. It helps me to understand and creates something representative of my point of view.
There may be a little ego and self promotion in my submissions to the group. I would like my blog widely read and the group is a fertile audience. On the other hand, reading my blog, or not, is entirely within each person’s control and my approach has been sound, offering the essence in what I post to the group and including my blog link for those who would like further information.
The dual purpose of the blog, with both fifth and third dimensional objectives does present some difficulties and some confusion. The group has primarily, perhaps exclusively, fifth dimensional objectives and the piece in question may have overstepped. In truth, I do not know whether or not it overstepped, or whether or not understanding the dark side has merit within the group. That will be decided by the group and by the moderator and that is fine with me.
Meanwhile, I will put forth my position as clarified and post this as my blog for those who desire further information.
Freedom for humanity…


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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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6 Responses to Clarifying my Thoughts

  1. Dave says:

    have been enjoying every blog of yours new and old; please keep posting; you’re not
    able to please everybody; but the majority of the group get better perspective from
    your blog; thanks for your efforts!

  2. Johanne says:

    Hi John!

    Just wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog..It keeps pace with what’s happening in the group in an objective, balanced and informative way.


  3. Pyramid Michael says:

    I finally got around to reading your recent posts. The Group Forum is too much for me to stay tuned into. Your words are eloquent and well thought out. Thank you for your posts. Your perspective is yours and thank you for sharing. There is room far all of us and our point of view. I do find some of your writings inspiring and remind me of my choices and decision to be on the cutting edge of the Ascension process of Multidimensional Transformation.

    Much Love,
    Pyramid Michael

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