More Resistance to Ascension

On February 15, I wrote about the dark’s resistance to Ascension. This is easily understood since they have much to lose if Ascension proceeds as planned. There is another level of resistance very active at present that is not so easy to understand.
First a bit of information about the spiritual hierarchy. All beings in our universe were created by Source, created by All that Is. Through contribution and service, beings gain status and this is expressed by an earned status within the spiritual hierarchy. This spiritual hierarchy oversees and manages creation. Source is actively involved but others have a say and the collective direction of creation is more of a team effort than it is the work of an all powerful being. My sense is that previous cycles were the work of an all powerful being and teamwork was part of what Source wants to experience, thus the current arrangement.
One needs only to remember the wars in this galaxy and the created worlds of warrior races to get a glimpse of the diversity endorsed by Source. The creator god of these warring races, named Ankara, is a member of the spiritual hierarchy and is not a rogue entity, but well respected and a powerful being with status earned of contribution and service. In the mid 1990’s Ankara shifted back to Light based agendas and advised his created races to do likewise, thus paving the way for Ascension.
Free will exists in all places and that includes the spiritual hierarchy. Some members of the spiritual hierarchy disagree with Ascension and believe some other approach best serves creation. In short, Ascension is a contentious issue and some high beings, beings of the Light are opposing Ascension.
This is a high level disagreement which is being played out in the metaphorical board rooms of the universe, but the results are spilling over into our world and the key people carrying the gift of Ascension for humanity are being affected. This may make it sound as though we humans are powerless in this matter, pawns to these higher powers, but that would be both an oversimplification and untrue.
One manifestation of this Light based resistance to Ascension is attacks on the person designated to be the first to be rejuvenated. By definition, attacks on another are unpleasant services and reduces the spiritual standing of those responsible. Also by definition, support and protection of the person under attack is a beneficial service and raises the standing of those responsible. Thus does the balance of power shift within the spiritual hierarchy and we can each make a contribution, and as a group our contributions are multiplied. We do Source’s work by sending healing energies to those under attack and by creating safe space with our love. Love is the most powerful force in the universe and shields of love are not taken lightly or easily swept aside. Yes, these are powerful beings orchestrating these attacks but they are engaged in rogue activity and that saps their power. Yes, we are pawns in this battle, but pawns have their own power and pawns have numbers.
I am grateful for the openness of this dialogue and for the information being provided as to the source of these attacks. Secrecy is a well know weapon of the dark while openness and truth are tried and true allies of the Light. I am also grateful for the opportunity to express my free will and my support for Ascension and my support for those among us who are on the front lines of humanity’s Ascension process. I am grateful to be engaged in beneficial services and to be counteracting the unpleasant services that others are currently engaged in providing.
Freedom for humanity…


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