Free Energy – Freely Available

I wrote this May 11 of last year. Tesla remains active behind the vail working on behalf of humanity and his technology to access limitless free energy will soon be revived. Making that technology freely available to all of humanity is work only we humans can do. Last time, a few self interested people stole this technology and hid it from the rest of humanity. Let’s take back our power and prevent a reoccurance.

Tesla’s free energy technology must be freely available to all of humanity; and I am asking the help of all interested people in making this our shared reality.
Let’s look at the patent system and see how it has been used by the ruling elite, by those who target exploitation and plunder of the Earth’s resources. Inventors must patent their inventions through boards set up in various countries with the intention of protecting their invention from use by others. The idea is that inventors can benefit from their invention instead of having idea thieves steal the invention and profit from it. The trouble is that the exclusivity of patents is used to prevent the benefits of the invention from spreading into the world. Much better would be a royalty system such as exists in the music industry. Here, anyone can play the song on their air waves and the artist/inventor is compensated by this central board.
Tesla’s free energy technology is far too important and far too valuable to allow the patent system to rob humanity of its benefits. The knowledge must be made freely available to all of humanity and no single source can be allowed exclusive use. It is like fire. When fire was discovered eons ago, no single source was allowed to control it. It became widely available to all who understood the technology. Free energy must be given this same wide grass roots availability. All of humanity must have access to it. In this way, those who stand to lose from this technology, and that includes many powerful and rich people and corporations, cannot block the technology from people who wish to use it.
Let’s look at the changes this technology will bring. Oil will no longer be required to run vehicles or for heat or for electricity. Oil can remain in the ground, serving its original purpose as lubrication for the movement of tectonic plates. The oil industry will not be in favour of this as the huge profits presently being made will cease, but we cannot allow ‘big oil’ to call the shots. Nuclear power can be eliminated. Electricity will be freely available to those using free energy technology. It can be generated without fuel of any kind, so for a single one time investment to install the technology, a limitless and eternal supply of electricity becomes available. The utility companies will have to shift and serve rather than exploit. Third world countries will have limitless free energy to serve users and their countries can take back their power and be all that they are. This technology is a great equalizer, but only if it is placed into the public domain, freely or at least cheaply available to all who want to use it.
This technology belongs to humanity. It was stolen from humanity when Tesla brought it to us about one hundred years ago, by self interested and powerful people. They killed Tesla, hid his technology and falsified his equations so no one would be able to replicate his work. The time has come for another inventor to be given this gift and for that inventor to make their gift available to all of humanity. Join with me in setting the intention that this time, the technology will be made freely or cheaply available to all of humanity, without patents, without restrictions, and with fair and affordable royalties. Only in this way can its benefits properly flow through to all of humanity. Only in this way can the many benefit from this great gift. Only in this way can the few be prevented from hiding this technology and continuing their exploitive practices.
Freedom for humanity…


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2 Responses to Free Energy – Freely Available

  1. Josephine says:

    Count me in, will there be a specified time on a regular basis ?
    I still think it could be free. Just like the sun light, and fire. Tesla’s original plan to let it be free was based in his wisdom and span of the energy it self.
    Is the ocean free? Maybe I am not thinking of what it would take to actually harnes the energy for safe usage. Not my area of expertise 🙂

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