Two Years to Ascension

The spring equinox has passed as has the March full moon. Ascension is slated for the spring equinox two years from now and the time we have to prepare is now less than two years, seven quarters to be precise. My left brained human mind cries out impatiently, ‘Time is short and there is much to do’ and the universe provides its answer via a quote on Twitter: When things aren’t working out as you wish, be patient. Stop trying to move ahead of God. His timing is perfect. Trust!
The energies beamed to earth of the combined equinox and full moon had little impact on me, unlike some of the energetic inputs in the recent past. I functioned quite normally and experienced little in the way of internal shifts. A prime purpose of this infusion of Ascension energies is to provide resources for the Light to end the continuing resistance to Ascension and the resulting interference preventing the Ascension plan from being rolled out in a timely fashion. A key element for Ascension is rejuvenation, a mystical and miraculous process of bringing forth physical perfection within human bodies. The energies to begin this process were beamed our way three months ago, at the winter solstice of 2010, but resistance in various forms has prevented its manifestation in the world of form, although many are having visions of rejuvenation and seeing themselves and others in this Divine state.
Dialogue within the group of like-minded people targeting to help humanity prepare for Ascension has brought me some new understandings. My mystical and metaphysical musings have always considered creation to be all that is. Within those musings, our universe and the Being who created it are All that Is. The group dialogue talked of consciousness and beings who stand outside of creation, which makes creation a game within a game. As with many metaphysical concepts, once broached, they begin to fit easily into a larger and larger puzzle. Beings outside of creation is the source of some of the resistance and interference currently being experienced and the energies of the solstice and the full moon are targeting resolution in favor of Ascension. As I understand all of this, some of the beings outside of creation want Ascension to fail and are interfering with the humans bringing forth rejuvenation. Because this interference is taking place within another’s creation, these beings lose their status and the resistance will be cleared. Ascension will proceed. Note to self: Have patience and Trust.
In the nearly five years since surrendering to Divinity, I have learned to do what is given me to do and to leave the rest. The rest is not mine to do and when it is not mine to do, best to leave it alone. Dealing with interference to rejuvenation is not mine to do. That belongs to others and is being taken care of in accordance with the laws of creation, what I call cosmic law. That does not render me powerless or even ineffectual.
By intention, I have declared myself to do whatever is given me to do in support of Ascension. By intention and by actions taken, I have done all that has been given to me to do. By intention and by actions taken, I have supported and held space for those working toward Ascension and those manifesting Ascension preparation within the world of form.
At the deepest knowing within me, I ‘know’ Ascension will proceed. At the deepest knowing within me, I ‘know’ humanity will be given sufficient time to prepare and that all who were born with the intention of Ascending in this lifetime will be given that opportunity. Helping humanity and Mother Earth to Ascend is my purpose in this lifetime and I ‘know’ I shall fulfill that purpose.
Freedom for humanity…


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