Rejuvenation – Carrying Light

Those who are rejuvenated will stand out and be noticed no matter what their age when becoming rejuvenated. Rejuvenation is not about age, it is about carrying Light in our physical bodies.
As a member of a group targeting to bring karmic clearing and rejuvenation to all of humanity, I have been joining the group dialogue as we attempt to gain a greater understanding of rejuvenation. The words above were part of one of my recent submissions and will be the subject of today’s blog.
The human body was once far more capable of carrying Light than its present form. Our bodies were designed for the specific purpose of allowing physical beings to live in what is called the fifth dimension, a dimension filled with Light and high frequencies that would be fatal if experienced by someone in the present incarnation of a human body. In our present form, we simply cannot carry that much light at that high of a frequency.
If we were designed to live in the fifth dimension, what changed? About 13,000 years ago, self interested beings created a series of events resulting in the Fall of Atlantis and a reengineering of humanity’s DNA. As designed, human DNA has over 2000 strands and can therefore carry a great deal of Light and handle very high frequencies. The reengineering left us with two strands, a downward shift of three magnitudes. The reengineering was for the purpose of keeping us in the dark and for controlling and exploiting our energies and our resources, keeping us in a form of slavery.
The human experiment was begun about 200,000 years ago with the idea of perfecting things in the third dimension and then Ascending into the fifth dimension at the end of the current era. In that plan, humanity would have supported each other and been supported by sister societies of highly evolved beings all leading to a joyous Ascension and life in the higher dimension.
This plan has been made more difficult but is continuing to be followed. The rejuvenation command sets in motion a variety of steps leading toward a physical body capable of thriving within the fifth dimension with all its Light and high frequencies and its greatly altered physics and creative laws. Many of our current limitations will simply disappear and it will be like living in Heaven on Earth.
Not only are we returning to the physicality humanity experienced prior to the Fall of Atlantis, but we are setting the stage for the shifts and greater capabilities that come with Ascension. We are not returning to past glory, we are taking the next steps that were planned but not yet implemented during Atlantis.

Those experiencing rejuvenation will stand out. They will be radiant as they carry more light and they will have a presence that will be noticed. By Divine design, the presence of a rejuvenated person will awaken yearnings within those who planned to Ascend in this lifetime and a great sequence of events will unfold.
Freedom for humanity…

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