My Mission’s Path

Truth has always drawn me but for many years, it was more important for me to be right than it was for me embrace the truth. This sometimes led down a path not of my choosing, or rather down a path I did not want to follow or even be on. Usually, the path petered out and I was able to return to a path of truth and I would avoid the error that led me into that particular divergence from the truth.
My life began to shift and my path began to be illuminated when I elevated truth above being right. This was a conscious choice and I soon found that being wrong and owning my error was not nearly as uncomfortable as I had imagined, in fact, it was liberating in a way. For about a decade, the entire 1990’s, I followed this path, seeking truth at every turn and at every decision point; and being guided by truth, both from the outside world and from within. Truth was setting me free.
Around the turn of the century, a sense of mission began to grow within me. I was here for a reason and I had some specific mission to perform in service to humanity. I had led a self centered existence for most of my life, but this sense of mission broadened my outlook and reinforced my dedication to truth. Truth and my mission became linked for me. Truth would lead me to my mission and my mission would lead me truth.
For another four or five years, I coasted; repressing my sense of mission and continuing on with the life I was living. I was comfortable with my life; happily married to a woman I loved, doing work that I enjoyed and competing at a high level in my avocation. Spirit played along for a while and then lowered the boom. My wife, with no warning or risk factors, had a heart attack and as we were putting our life back together, my competitive drive diminished and seemed somehow hollow and unimportant. After six months of this, I was ready to re-evaluate. I was ready to give some priority to my mission.
Truth remained my touchstone, but freedom was soon elevated to a role of prominence. The truth was that I was not free and that others, particularly my wife (now fully recovered) were making choices for me. I began to target freedom and took back the choices that were mine, always honouring the free will of others and allowing them the choices that were theirs.
By the middle of 2006, a paradox came my way. I could not be truly free without surrendering to Divinity. In the same way, I could not approach ultimate truth without parking my ego and honouring the small still voice within me. As long as was ruled by logic and ambition, I could neither be free; nor could I reach ultimate truth and…Living my mission required me to be free and required me to honour ultimate truth.
Another way of looking at this was that living my mission would not happen while I was governed by my small self because my small self did not have the scope or the overview to guide my path toward my mission. Left to my small self’s devices, I could do any number of things, but I could not do what I came to do. That required a higher intelligence with information not available to my small self. In short, living my mission required me surrender my life’s direction and all major decisions to a higher power, to my guides and to Divinity.
In May of 2006 over the course of a ten day meditation retreat, I made the choice to surrender to Divinity. Freedom and truth have been my constant companions ever since, and the path to my mission shines always before me.
Freedom for humanity…

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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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3 Responses to My Mission’s Path

  1. Sue Young says:

    Perfectly expresses my path as well. Thank you.
    Truth. Source. Love. Service. Unity & Empowering others with the tools to heal themselves.

  2. Thank you for the great information! I would not have discovered this otherwise!

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