Individual Sovereignty

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In highly evolved societies sovereignty is clear and simple. Each individual has sovereignty. Each individual is at liberty to decide their own thoughts and actions. The corollary is that no one has authority over anyone else. That goes for bosses and subordinates, for teachers and students, for parents and children. In highly evolved societies everyone understands the principle of individual sovereignty, and it is honoured as a first principle of interdependence.
Because of the Fall of Atlantis and the dark’s interference, sovereignty has become a complex subject here on earth and a good deal of artificiality has been introduced. The ruling elite targets masters and slaves and recorded human history is filled with case law where courts ruled against individual sovereignty. Sovereignty has become a complex issue with nations created to justify the few making laws for the many. These same artificial treatments of sovereignty justify the rule of force, where the strong can lord it over the weak and appear to be sanctioned.
Despite the dark’s interference and ongoing attempts by the ruling elite to create classes of people, those with sovereignty and those without, humanity has steadily progressed toward individual sovereignty. Slavery has been officially renounced in most if not all countries on earth. Slavery still exists in many forms, but officially and legally, it is no longer sanctioned. Democracy, women’s rights and minority rights are other examples of progress toward individual sovereignty. All of these things have been championed by Lightworkers and opposed by the ruling elite.
I have experimented with individual sovereignty in my personal life. I was an executive in the corporate world and succeeded by honouring the individual sovereignty of all those within my span of control. This model is based on team work and a shared vision of success. Did it work as well as traditional methods? Better, much better, but it required me to park my ego at the door and to leave my authority unused except in cases where others were abusing their authority and denying individual sovereignty to those who worked for them. I used individual sovereignty as a husband and as a father with great success. I used individual sovereignty in every aspect of my life. Where I had authority, I did not use it and where others thought they had authority over me, I worked hard and skilfully at disabusing them of that opinion. Sometimes these efforts were successful and we entered into a partnership of equals, other times we did not reach an accord and I left to find other options.
Championing individual sovereignty in a world where few accept the premise and fewer still have practiced its use is challenging, but well worth the effort.
Does authority have any use in a world of individual sovereignty? One area comes to mind, and only one. When someone begins to trample on the individual sovereignty of others, either because they have been granted authority or because of superior skills, authority has a purpose; the purpose of ending this tyrannical behaviour and returning the situation back to one respecting individual sovereignty.
This is being played out in terms of Ascension. All those interfering with the process and with those bringing the process to humanity are subject to authority. Their interference can and is being ended by the authority granted to those bringing Ascension to humanity.
Freedom for humanity…

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