A Rare Pleasure

I met with a friend who is visiting in Calgary and helping aging parents as death approaches. The father has a form of Alzheimer’s that results in aggression and anger and my friend is often at wits end. After one particularly frustrating series of events, my friend went to psychic and asked for information as to the future of her aging parents and her role in that future.
Her angels/guides were brutally honest. Both parents are not long for this world and would transition in the near future, with or without her well meaning help. Then her angels addressed my friend, telling her she has great gifts as a healer and questioned the wisdom of devoting her time and attention to a ‘lost cause’ when there is so much to be done in areas that welcome and can greatly benefit from her healing gifts.
Many of us have come to Ascend in this lifetime and a few of us have come to lead the way and to use our gifts to assist humanity and Gaia in the Ascension process. My friend is one of these people and is having growing pains in terms of accepting and stepping into this leadership role. All her life, she has played a supportive and helping role and here she is being asked to step forward and play a leading role. This goes against her training and against what she has assumed to be her nature. I can see her true nature, her inner strength and her leadership qualities.
My role seems to be to encourage her to accept this leadership role and to step fully into her power. A telling vignette came early in our meeting which began with my friend talking about someone encouraging her to set up a website to offer her healing gifts to a wider audience. My friend told the encourager, ‘I can’t do that. I don’t have the proper credentials’ and then she turned to me and said, ‘Don’t you think that is right?’
‘No I do not. You have a gift and who are you to withhold that gift from humanity.’ My friend has credentials given her by Divinity and as such, does not need and should not seek human credentials.
We both love stories and storytelling and I offered her a story or two where I had embraced spirit’s guidance and it had led me into epiphanies and the development of my own gifts.
After this beginning, I seemed invited to hold up the mirror and reflect my friend’s deep truths back to her. This is my gift, or at least one of them and the rest of our three hour meeting was all about exploring my friend’s truth, exploring her powers, and exploring the possibility of stepping fully into her gifts. What would happen if she embraced her gifts and asked her angels and her guides to walk with her down a path of serving humanity to the fullest extent possible within the umbrella of being all she can be and developing her healing gifts to their fullest extent.
All of this was within the context of two friends meeting for lunch and sharing a conversation, but we opened ourselves to our guides and each acted as open channels for information and questions that flowed within and between us. The energy and depth of this type of communication is astounding and we were both euphoric when our meeting was over.
My friend left for a one on one meeting with her step mother where they could be honest with each other and I walked home reflecting on the beauty of doing what I came to do and basking in the glow of acting as a channel for the wisdom of higher realms to be delivered into the world in which we live.
In the Ascended world, this soul to soul level of communications will be common place. In today’s world, it is a rare pleasure.
Freedom for humanity…


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