I listened to Carolyn Evers and Richard Presser’s BBC radio show with channelled guest Atlan, available at: . Atlan was the king of Atlantis at the time of the Fall about 13,000 years ago and the interview contained all kinds of useful and amazing information.
For me, the most amazing was a reframe on the reengineering done at that time to human DNA. In Atlantis before the Fall, human beings had powerful DNA with over two thousand strands and this was reengineered to the two strand DNA currently carried within humanity. In this process, a great deal of our DNA became useless, the so called junk DNA. As originally designed, all of our DNA had purpose and this junk DNA will be reactivated and serve its designed purpose as humanity returns to their design capacity during Ascension. A stepping stone is the soon to come rejuvenation process that prepares the human body to carry much more Light and use carbon seven instead of carbon twelve as the carbon in our cells and in our DNA.
Why was this reengineering done? Until Atlan’s information, all references to this reengineering attributed the work to the dark and gave the dark’s motivation to be a way of keeping humanity in semi consciousness, instead of full consciousness; as a way of controlling and enslaving humanity. Atlan was present at the time of the fall and presided over what could be called the transfer of power where Lightworkers left earth in great numbers and Atlantis itself sunk below the waves in the deluge that followed.
According to Atlan, the reengineering had an entirely different purpose. The dark was by then well on their way to a successful coupe and to controlling humanity. The Earth was well within the dark controlled portion of the galaxy and the era of the dark still had nearly 13,000 years before it was scheduled to end at the winter solstice of 2012. Humanity as designed (carrying the advanced DNA) had great creative power and was a prime resource coveted by the dark to expand their creative expertise. Already, they were experimenting with enslaved created beings, complete with a soul, something that violated the free will intention of the universe. To prevent these and other secrets of the Light from falling into the hands of the Earth’s dark masters, the Light oversaw the reengineering and put it into effect before leaving Earth in the hands of their new dark masters. In this way, the enslaved human race could not be used to further the self interested aims of the dark; and the dark’s agenda of conquest and subjugation of the entire galaxy would not benefit from the advanced DNA carried by humanity on Earth. You see, the advanced human DNA was all part of a Light based experiment to create a race of physical beings capable of thriving in the fifth dimension, which is part of the angelic realm. Ascension brings this experiment to fruition and is happening on schedule despite the detour taken by the dark and the reengineering done by the Light.
There is a tremendous amount of information in the preceding paragraph and if it all seems overwhelming, do not be concerned. As a mystic and visionary, I deal in truth but leave the proofs to others, so take what resonates and leave the rest.
Freedom for humanity…


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4 Responses to Atlan

  1. willow wood says:

    Hello Fellow Angel! ~ I just wanted to share with U that the interview with Atlan was a real revelation to me also, as I’d always believed that the de-activating of human DNA was a deed perpituated by the Dark – I would not have believed that Councils of the Divine would have done this to humanity!! However, after hearing Atlan’s amazing information, & having you explain it so succinctly in your blog, I now feel that I understand, and, in deed, even agree with what was done. It is SO exciting to be privy to all this new information!!! Thanks for clarifying ! UPWARD & ONWARD! ~Willow

    • Thank you, Willow.
      I was awakened in the wee hours buzzing with energy and all that I wrote was made clear to me at that time. Guess it is time for humanity to know the truth.

      Love and Blessings

  2. Sam Bitar says:

    Hi John,
    It is a great post my friend…
    I have a lingering feeling there is some1thing missing in all of this…

    If the dark are to be that bad and enslave humanity that way, Why Are they allowed to even exists on earth and screw up devine plan that way ???
    I mean, If God made a decree now that they are not allowed to interfere in the ascension process now… why didn’t he made that decree 13,000 years ago ???

    By making the none interference decree, he violated the free will, don’t you think ???


    • Thank you, Sam.
      During the era of the dark, still underway and ending at the winter solstice of 2012, there is (was) much tolerance for self interested activities and activities that violated the free will of others including things like murder and war. My understanding is this was all a way of testing the power of love and the power of Light based approaches to living. Thus the existance of these things and the support they received over the past 13000 years.
      Support for approaches that violate the free will of others is ending and we are currently in a transitional period where some things are tolerated and supported and others are not. Interferrence with Ascension is one thing that is not being tolerated. We each get the free will choice to Ascend or not and no one is being allowed to take this decision away from another, so preventing Ascension is not being allowed.
      Hope this helps.
      Love and Blessings

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