Rejuvenation and the Ruling Elite

Ascension is a gigantic project involving beings and consciousness from many dimensions and the commander in chief is Source, the creator of all. The timing for Ascension has long been set and has remained firm, because Earth and our solar system will be directly aligned with the centre of the cosmos and with the Eye of Isis on the winter solstice of 2012 and thus have direct contact with Source at that time. The cycle time of the Eye of Isis is about two million years, so it is ‘now or never’, so to speak.
Like any gigantic project, there are many threads and those assigned to or choosing one thread may not understand other threads, and the project still runs smoothly because Source is directing it all and only Source needs the complete overview. In fact, there are dangers in becoming too focused on a thread that is not our own because of the distractions and the temptation to run off doing things that belong to someone else, instead of remaining focused on doing what we came to do.
About this time last year, I became convinced that deposing the Earth’s ruling elite and exposing the illusion they have created was necessary before Ascension could take place and I volunteered to do whatever was given me to do in this regard.
Nothing was given me to do in regard to deposing the ruling elite and slowly, my attention was drawn back to Ascension and the karma clearing and rejuvenation commands being provided to humanity to prepare them to Ascend. Clearly, what I came to do and my area of expertise relative to Ascension is to prepare humanity for Ascension. The thread of deposing the ruling elite belongs to others and I can either do a poor job helping them do that work or a good job helping humanity prepare for Ascension, the work I came to do.
Expressed like this, the choice seems simple and clear cut and thankfully, that is the choice I made; but my process was far from simple or clear cut. At two points in this process, my guides and my signals went silent and refused my various entreaties to provide me guidance upon which to base my decisions. This is highly unusual as I usually get guidance on a regular and ongoing basis. The two points were the choice to get activity involved in deposing the ruling elite and the choice to get activity involved with the karmic clearing and rejuvenation commands.
What was going on? Looking back, I believe this kind of choice is a free will choice and my guides respect my free will. Once I made my free will choice, my guidance was back guiding my day to day decisions and my choice points along the way; but while I was making the free will choice related to the overall direction of my life and my contributions to Ascension, my guides went silent and refused my requests for guidance. ‘This is your choice, and we cannot help you to make it.’
My choice to get involved with deposing the ruling elite was made out of impatience and an incomplete understanding of Ascension. As I now understand the situation, rejuvenation will be a primary tool in deposing the ruling elite, so in a way, I am following both choices. What has been given me to do in terms of deposing the ruling elite is to clear my karma and become rejuvenated and then bring the karmic clearing and rejuvenation commands to the rest of humanity. The effect on humanity will be to jerk them awake and once awakened; humanity will soon take back their power and depose the ruling elite.
I thought it would work the other way around, but…What do I know?
Freedom for humanity…

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