Death and the Dark

As my past life memories continue to accumulate, it is becoming clearer and clearer to me that death and dying is no big deal. I have been shown many premature deaths where agents of the dark used violence to end my life and prevent my initiatives from going forward; a dagger in the back, a vial of poison, a crucifixion, cut in two by a broad sword, stakes through my feet and left to die, but you get the idea. In several of these incidences, I stuck around in spirit and watched what ensued and saw that what I had been working toward was destroyed and those who worked with me were also killed or forced into hiding.
Seems like a big deal, but it was not. For me, I simply went back to the bardo and designed another lifetime and when I was ready with a new plan and fellow travellers willing to help me live that plan, I was born again taking another body and a new lifetime. What I was working toward on each occasion was higher consciousness and a golden age for humanity. This is true of many of the lives shown me to date, but that only goes back a few thousand years and there is a deep knowing within me that I have had lifetimes that predate the current work I have chosen to do relative to humanity and Ascension. These lifetimes have not yet been shown me, but that too will come.
What I was working toward was never destroyed; it was simply delayed. While living in limited consciousness, it is easy to forget this, but from the vantage point of the bardo, this fact is clear and unmistakable. All things come in their own time and this is the era of the dark, an era in which the dark is supported and an era in which the dark’s objectives of subjugation and exploitation are being given every chance to succeed. This is all part of the Divine plan and has Divine purpose. As we sit at the brink of mass extinctions and the destruction of a habitat that can sustain human life, we can see that subjugation and exploitation do not work in the long term and are not sustainable.
The era of the dark is ending and the time for this great experiment led by the dark is ending. In its place will soon come all those things near and dear to my heart, things like a golden age for humanity, Ascension, and individual sovereignty. In the bardo, all this is known and those lifetimes that ended prematurely were known to be high risk lifetimes with an implicit willingness to have them ended prematurely and through violence. In at least one case, I planned with the man who orchestrated my death and that may have been true in other cases as well.
You see, the dark as well as the Light are both created by Source. We share lifetimes and in some cases we are friends. We simply have different objectives and approach life differently. How are we to know subjugation and exploitation do not work unless we try them, unless they are supported and succeed for a time, how we can truly know they don’t work? In this way, the dark is simply another aspect of us, just another way of looking at the world.
The dark’s time is ending and so is the time for their failing experiment here on earth. The dark is faced with choices as what they have long done is no longer being supported. Some are choosing to switch to Light filled agendas, and to learn or remember skills that support the Light’s agenda. Others are unwilling to make this shift. We live in a free will Universe and the dark has long violated the free will of others, including murder and other forms of violence to others. This has been tolerated and even supported during the era of the dark, but as that era ends, that is shifting. Ascension is being protected and those who chose to interfere are finding they cannot and some are even having their existence ended. Play with fire long enough, and you end up burned.
Freedom for humanity…

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