My Truth and Ultimate Truth

‘The world would be a better place without interest charges on debt.’ I put this premise forward with an argumentative brother-in-law and we spent a couple of hours over drinks in the wee hours of the morning debating the issue. I kept my contributions close to dialogue which means I listened and made a genuine attempt at understanding his arguments and did not attempt to get equal time, so we made some progress. The session ended when I agreed with one of his points and he realized it was supporting my side rather than his and called it a night.
What it all boiled down to were a few essential issues. He saw himself as a member of the have’s and was making the arguments the have’s make. We have all been exposed to these arguments and know them and can repeat them when the situation arises. The have not’s cannot be trusted and will abuse any privileges given them. Interest forces people to be responsible which they will not be left to their own devices. No one would lend money if they cannot make money by doing so, etc. My contributions were to demonstrate understanding for each of these points and challenge them as being untrue and ask broader questions, like who benefits from the charging of interest? The next day he was chaffing from the experience and holding his disappearing ground and the day after, he was understanding that his heart was not in his arguments, although he still doubted my premise would work.
This bother-in-law is a very good teacher for me. Part of my role within raising consciousness is to recruit people for the cause and help them overcome their fear based resistance to doing what they came to do. I do this sort of recruiting activity anytime someone expresses a willingness to enter into a soul level communication. Each situation is different, but my contributions are strangely similar and could be summed up as ‘what does your heart say?’ and once that is uncovered encouraging them to ‘follow their heart’.
My primary role is supporting Ascension and helping humanity prepare for and Ascend, but a parallel and related stream exists which is exposing and deposing the ruling elite. I know my role within Ascension and that is my primary focus, but I have also volunteered to do what is given me to do in terms of deposing those in power and may well be called upon to play a role in exposing and/or deposing the ruling elite. Some of the tools of Ascension are extremely powerful and will cut both ways and I may well be asked to work within both streams as they run parallel over the next year or so. My brother-in-law is an excellent teacher should such opportunities arise.
Others also play roles in my ongoing education. My brother asks good questions and has valuable experience in dealing with cults and in walking down a path that was not truth. What he learned when he changed course is extremely valuable and has powerful applications as I walk my unmarked path with landmines all around me, some set by the ruling elite and others by well meaning but misinformed Lightworkers; all attempting to have their viewpoints supported. One of the great lessons my brother teaches is that one’s truth and ultimate truth can be different. I accept that there may be a divergence between my truth and ultimate truth and strive to conduct myself always in accordance to principles of the Light. These principles include such things as honouring personal sovereignty, respecting the free will of others, and resisting initiatives aimed at depriving someone else of their own free will. By conducting myself in accordance with Light based principles, it matters not whether my truth ends up in divergence from ultimate truth. I have honoured my journey and honoured my fellow travellers and we all benefit from such interactions, no matter what turns out to be ultimate truth.
Freedom for humanity…


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