What If?

My brother invited me to test drive the premise that Ascension does not take place. What then? This was the second invitation, the first occurred in December and I declined saying I was not willing to entertain any doubts. In the three or four months since that first invitation, I have examined this territory. My answer to my brother is that I am very pleased with the shifts and changes within me that have occurred since becoming committed to Ascension and an outcome other than desired would be disappointing but I have learned much and enjoyed the journey. I would have no regrets.
That is truth, but what is my personal truth? What would I do and how would I feel if Ascension does not come off as planned, if Ascension turns out to be a red herring and life continues more or less as it is at present.
First of all, humanity cannot go much further down the present path, so some things will have to change, but let’s say we do all those things necessary for humanity’s continuing journey on Earth and we continue within the third dimension, which is really the nature of my brother’s premise. How would I feel? What would I do?
I am committed to Ascension and I am committed to humanity Ascending. I will do whatever it takes to see this take place. I know the human experiment here on Earth is designed to create physical beings capable of living in the fifth dimension and I will see that experiment through to its end, either successfully or otherwise. Already I have experienced several lifetimes where I tried to bring Ascension to humanity, to those who so choose, and saw my premature death at the hands of those opposed to Ascension as those attempts were thwarted. If this ends up as another of these failed attempts or if I am killed prior to this attempt succeeding, so be it. That is neither here nor there. If this attempt succeeds after my death, that is great and I will see what roles become available to me. If this attempt fails and I can assist in another attempt by incarnating again, I will happily do so.
What would happen if this attempt fails and the world reverts to dark masters and dark agendas? I have been in that situation in past lives and my choice was to leave, either through death or through hiding out to avoid participating as an agent of the dark until death came and a new opportunity presented itself. That too, I would be willing to do.
What would happen if humanity loses out and forfeits their opportunity to Ascend? Then I will be looking for opportunities to continue in service to the Light and continue to recruit those around me to become agents of the Light. Serving the Light is my reason for living and there are no options within the dark’s agenda of conquest, exploitation, and subjugation that I would entertain, even for a moment.
Ascension is all that really matters in the here and now. If this is the time and all signs point in that direction, count me in. I will do all I am guided to do regardless of the risks. If this is not the time, I will die trying and continue to take part in options to bring Ascension to humanity at some later date.
Since the fall of Atlantis, Ascension has been my sole concern and my soul’s concern. As we close in on success after all those failed attempts over the past twelve thousand years, my heart sings with joy and Ascension is tangible to me. I can reach out and touch it and taste it in all I do.
Freedom for humanity…


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2 Responses to What If?

  1. ebeelemental says:

    It is truly a great thing to actually be in the presence of another being that understands what it is that I “agreed” to go through as well. Thank you for wise counsel and candor! Namaste…

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