Cults and Ascension

Cults have played a very prominent role in my life. I know about cults and I know about leaders who behave in cultish ways. Besides my personal experience, my brother and my daughter both had extended relationships with cults. I have also been given clear guidance that I am to avoid cults and cultish leaders and retain a level of independence that precludes engaging with either. Because of this, I am constantly on guard and watchful for signs that a cult is forming or that someone is asking me to engage in cultish behaviour.
I have been actively involved in raising consciousness since mid 2004, and during that time, I have committed to and left two organizations because they exhibited cultish behaviour and engaged four leaders with whom I later disengaged because of cultish behaviour. All of this adds to my knowledge base and to my expertise in terms of dealing effectively with cults and cultish leadership. For two reasons, I am watchful for cultish behaviour. First, cultish behaviour restricts and lessens the scope of what can be done, often making the original goals unattainable. Second, my freedom and independence is at least as important as any specific Ascension goals and my contributions can only be willing given to people and organizations that respect my free will and honour my individual sovereignty. In the end, Ascension is all about honouring free will and individual sovereignty, so I will only involve myself in situations and with people who follow these principles. In my view, it serves neither of us, nor our shared goals should I choose to compromise these principles.
The field of Ascension is broad and wide open. It is directly linked to spirituality and to higher consciousness and there are many involved in processes related either directly or indirectly to Ascension. My mission is directly related to Ascension and to helping humanity to Ascend. When I choose to get involved with others, it is because they have something to offer in terms of Ascension; it is so that we can work together toward a shared vision of Ascension and helping others to Ascend.
I am again engaged with leaders who are targeting certain aspects of Ascension. Why? Because I believe they have important information and are targeting important contributions to the process of Ascension. I also believe they need help in achieving their Ascension contributions and that I have some skills and predispositions that will further our shared Ascension goals. The current leaders have passed all the tests to date, most of which just came up in the normal course of working together. It is a large group, so there are lots of opinions being expressed. Some have expressed loyalty to the leaders and a commitment to their success.
I am committed to helping humanity Ascend. Full stop. I choose to work with these leaders because of the contributions they can make toward humanity’s Ascension. My only loyalty to these leaders is in terms of our shared objectives; since my entire loyalty is to Ascension. As long as these leaders continue to honour my free will and my individual sovereignty, I will do all within my power to further our mutually shared objectives.
I have had glorious experiences leading in the manner I wish to be led; leading a team working toward a shared vision and I know how effective this can be. I asked no one for their personal loyalty. That was not required in any way. All I asked was that people share the vision and contribute in their own way to the vision’s success. Ascension is a bright vision and all in the group share that vision.
Freedom for humanity…


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