For Whom Do I Write?

No. 310
I am dealing with a group of people at the leading edge of Ascension and they have added a great deal of traffic to my blog as well as considerable feedback, mostly very positive. At times, the feedback has been critical and the issue most criticized is that my blog is oversimplified, that my blog does not cover the full scope of what is possible and what is happening in these pivotal times. This is true and my experience is limited especially when compared to the experience of people leading various aspects of Ascension.
Before looking at this further, it seems important for me to address the issue of for whom do I write? Who is the target audience for my blog?
Those leading Ascension are definitely not my target audience. They have much higher level guides and guidance and may or may not choose to read my blog. In some cases, it may help them, but in general, they have higher level and more reliable sources. After all, I live in the third dimension.
Those on the leading edge are part of my audience. You could call these people my peers and I strive for accuracy and authenticity knowing some of these people will be visiting my blog and taking from it what resonates for them. My peers are part of my target audience.
Those here to experience Ascension and to be guided by others in that experience are definitely part of my audience. In fact this large group of people that could amount to half or more of all the people here on earth is precisely my target audience. My target is for my blog to be a source of reliable and readily understood information for that time soon to come when the masses begin to awaken and a great number of people want information about the coming process of Ascension. This time is coming and it is not too far off. When that time comes, my blog will be a source many will turn to for information and for guidance. These people are my target audience and providing reliable and readily understood information is my objective. If I sometimes ere on the side of oversimplification, so be it. These people want an understanding, and a working knowledge, and as long as that can be provided without distortions or untruth, everyone will be served.
Are these people current checking my blog? No they are not, at least not in any discernable numbers, but they continue to be my target audience and I continue to write with them in mind.
What about those who do not Ascend? If what stands in their way is ignorance, my blog may help and I am sure there will be people who use my blog as a contributing factor as they do their mental coin flip. One of my targets is for my blog to make a positive difference for such people.
Those whose mind or heart is already made up and who are not open to Ascension will not be reading my blog, so I do not write for them.
What about the ruling elite? What about that small percentage of people who have much to lose if humanity takes back their power and ends their current exploitation and control. The blog is not for them and they will not read it, nor will it help them if their goal is to continue the status quo.
All in all, my target audience is primarily the many who can either choose Ascension or chose to remain behind and my secondary audience is the few like myself on the leading edge of Ascension.
Freedom for humanity…


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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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