Four years ago in April 2007, I was well on my way to living in uncluttered surrender to Divinity. Complete surrender may be a better phase, but would be inaccurate since I continue to find things that are not surrendered and things to which an attachment has grown that benefit from surrender.
I was working with two resources at the time, a life coach who shortly thereafter left the Toronto area for a six month Zen Buddhist retreat in Japan, and meditation teachers who belonged to the Ishaya movement. The Ishayas had a centre in London Ontario, a two or three hour drive from where I lived in Brampton, part of greater Toronto.
Information began to come to me that something was missing from my spiritual journey, some missing ingredient that my surrendered path would benefit from and would give me much more power to do what I came to do. I saw my life coach early in the week and he helped bring clarity and gave me a process to identify this missing element. A day or two later, I knew it to be humility. At the time, humility was little more than a hazy concept, not something I had ever studied or even placed value in during my secular life and my journey to date. The missing ingredient now had a name.
That weekend was a meditation training seminar being held at a friend’s house nearby. I had taken the training over a year ago and had already attended several lengthy meditation retreats and my role was to host the teachers and attend the classes as a supportive graduate. I knew one of the teachers, and the other was someone new to me, a young woman I have not seen before or since, named Turiya.
Turiya and I had an immediate rapport and after Saturday’s session we went for a walk to a park a few minutes from home. We stopped under my favourite tree, a magnificent and gigantic weeping willow named Jepaka. As we communed with Jepaka, Turiya shared she had been a Druid in a previous life and feels great affinity to the natural world and I could feel her energies slowing to the rhythms of this tranquil setting.
Turiya seemed a heaven sent angel for learning humility and it became part of our conversation on both Thursday evening and on Friday. By Saturday’s session, the pieces were falling into place and I kept humility in mind throughout the sessions and the practice meditations. During that walk, Turiya gave me direct information on humility, linking it to surrender. As a big fan of surrender, I became all ears as to this linkage. Simply put, surrender requires humility. Surrender is the spiritual motivation and the modus operendi while humility is the mechanism, without which surrender cannot proceed. Like a combination lock that suddenly opens when the last number is dialled, my welcoming and acceptance of humility opened and humility was integrated within me.
Like many virtues, humility provides balance. In times of power and influence, humility dampens my energies so I do not overpower those around me and maintain their personal sovereignty. In times of attack or times when others have the spotlight, humility gives me strength and that inner knowing of equality and of personal sovereignty. Humility is a great leveller and with humility there is equality in every situation, whether dealing with my twenty year old nephew with Down’s syndrome or the most powerful and charismatic people on the face of this planet.
Freedom for humanity…


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