Rejuvenation – Multiple Sources

Since connecting to the timeline of multiple sources accessing the energies of rejuvenation and making rejuvenation available to all of humanity, I am being guided down that timeline each and every moment of the day. This is not unusual for me as I tend to be rather single minded about things and devote myself fully to them. How many people do you know that gave up their marriage, their career and their whole way of life in order to devote themselves to what they were guided to do? That is what I did at the beginning of May 2008.
What am I finding? The multiple sources approach is much like the hundred monkeys syndrome. In this famous study, researchers observed a new behaviour in a species of monkeys isolated on an island. As more and more of these isolated monkeys learned the behaviour, it suddenly jumped to the entire species in other locations even though no monkeys left the island. The behaviour became available to the entire species and was no longer limited to those on the island. As we evolve toward our full potential, this sort of mechanism is well accepted, even the norm; after all, we can all access infinite wisdom and guidance from Source.
No one and nothing can stop the spread of rejuvenation when using the multiple source approach. Repress someone here or there and it simply springs up somewhere else and then another and another. It becomes organic and no one can control it. There also becomes multiple ways to bring rejuvenation to the rest of humanity. One person may do it one way and another person chooses some other approach. Again, it happens spontaneously rather than in a controlled fashion.
Not everyone is going to experience rejuvenation. Those targeting self interested agendas as their motivation for living will not experience rejuvenation and will not be able to Ascend. In order to experience rejuvenation one must have a service to others orientation. This means some people will make several attempts to become rejuvenated. Some will never succeed while those who learn their required lessons and shift toward service will succeed in a later attempt after failing earlier. Those helping others to rejuvenate need not concern themselves with any of this, nor do they have to be selective in terms of who they help. Ultimately, who is rejuvenated and who is not is a choice made by Divinity and agents of Divinity.
Personally, I am much more comfortable with the multiple source timeline than I was with the single source timeline for bringing rejuvenation to humanity. Single source timelines are prone to control strategies and to being commandeered by self interested forces, where they are manipulated to benefit the few at the expense of the many. The ruling elite have used single source strategies to control humanity. Examples include the patent system where the patent holder has exclusive rights to the use of their invention, and national debt where privately owned banks have exclusive rights in terms of money supply.
My intention is to honour the multiple source concept at every step along the way. I fully expect to hear of others bringing forth rejuvenation and will support them and wish them well as they follow their own guidance in terms of rolling out this great gift to the rest of humanity. In the unlikely event of being the only one who brings forth rejuvenation, my approach will be to teach and support others to do the same and to play it forward so to speak. In my view, neither humanity nor Ascension is served by single sourcing the great gift of rejuvenation and I will do my best to follow a multiple source strategy to share the gift and the glory of rejuvenation with all of humanity.
Freedom for humanity…


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2 Responses to Rejuvenation – Multiple Sources

  1. Peta_de_Aztlan says:

    Thank you for your single-minded focus yet being open to multiple sources of information. It is true humility when we know we suffer from ignorance about all we do not know. We are capable of influencing others and even impacting on the inner consciousness of others on subliminal levels. The idea here is to be open to learning, not being afraid of experimenting ~willing to be inspired from divine sources we may not fully know mentally but spiritual sources that can be felt spiritually.
    ~Namaste, @Peta_de_Aztlan

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