Rejuvenation – Getting Started

I am doing a Youtube video about rejuvenation,, working with my son-in-law who knows about such things and has a digital camera. We shot the before segment on Saturday. There I am at sixty three years of age explaining Ascension and rejuvenation and promising an after segment once I am rejuvenated. I intend to make the after segment but I do not know when or even if that will be. I am allowing all this to happen and so far, the signs are positive as though this is a path I can choose and thus far I am being supported in travelling this path.
These last two days have been about doubt and self worth; who am I to be embarking on this pathway where few have gone before and where no one is around to guide me?
The night before last I woke to face some things, not in terror, but in an ‘it is time’ sort of a way. After trying a variety of techniques that have worked before but this time without success, I simply stood and asked them (my doubts and self worth issues) to show themselves, asked them to come to me and we could get to know each other. Through this, I was reminded of my power and of my constancy. Nothing dramatic happened and the situation seemed transformed or transmuted as if the whole experience was simply another step along my journey. It was morning by then and I got up and went about my day, but did no writing. It was not yet time. Instead, a four hour walk and continuing the process of surrendering this work and this initiative back to Divinity. If it is mine, it will be given back to me. If it is not, a new doorway will open.
Last night was more of the same, but the uneasiness was gone and in its place was a creative force that kept returning to a place of creating from beginnings sent to test me. Dreams would start with shadows and naysayers and were soon transformed into smiles and a willingness to move forward toward a shared objective. As I write this, I know I am to do this work; I know I am to bring forth rejuvenation within my physical body and then follow my guidance to make this process available to all of humanity. I do not know if I will succeed, but I know I am to do the work. Part of that work will be to make my own experience as transparent as I am able; and in that way, act as a model for others who wish to rejuvenate independently, who do not want to rely on someone else to bring this Divine gift into their lives.
I am not yet skilled at working with timelines but it seems a disclaimer of sorts is necessary. I am not guaranteed success. Timelines are collectively chosen so the timeline I choose is not guaranteed to be the timeline adopted by humanity. What I can do is take my chosen timeline and work with it, evolve it, create it; and present it to others. In this way it becomes a living and breathing thing with flesh and blood and real people acting together. In this way it takes life and has a chance to become something bigger.
My chosen timeline of multiple sources of rejuvenation and of making rejuvenation available to all of humanity, starts with my personal rejuvenation. By taking that first step myself, I earn the right to use methods of my choice in the process of making rejuvenation available to all of humanity. My methods treat each person who does the work as the expert in terms of doing that work. If they want my help in some way, I will provide it or find someone to provide it. If they want to go it on their own, I support that as well. Always, my guiding rule for everyone involved is ‘if it affects someone else, they get to have input into the decision.’
My methods originate in personal sovereignty and equality. We are all equals and we each have personal sovereignty. As such no one has authority over anyone else. By relying on Divinity rather than someone else to become rejuvenated, no one can claim authority over me; and I have a great deal of experience in leading without the use of authority. Leading without authority is the way things are done in the fifth dimension and rejuvenation leads to Ascension which leads to the fifth dimension. Therefore, my timeline uses fifth dimensional processes to get to the fifth dimension.
Freedom for humanity…

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