Rejuvenation – Germination

Another restless night and this morning dawned with a kind of discordance within me. I am looking after my Daughter’s two dogs and they woke me soon after daybreak asking to be fed. Once that was done, I settled into a meditation asking to understand my discordance and integrate it in whatever way was given me.
There seemed a tension in my heart chakra that would sometimes move into the base of my brain or into my throat chakra and once to my third eye chakra. Mostly it was within my physical body but on at least one occasion, it went into my emotional and etheric body a foot or two away from my physical body. It would always return to my heart and that was clearly home base. As I write this, it is back but shifted by what happened after perhaps half an hour of meditating. I would now call it creative tension rather than discordance.
A common theme with me when dealing with energies sent my way is for me to resist them or try to mould the experience in one way or another; for me to attempt to be in control. When I get really quiet as I did this morning, the hubris of this control oriented desire becomes known to me. Suppose there is a gift in these energies and suppose I cannot access that gift without surrendering to the energy and accepting that I do not know what the gift is or how to access the gift but Divinity knows and by simply letting go, I can melt into the gift or it can melt into me. When I am really quiet or really desperate or in a great deal of spiritual pain, that becomes clear to me and I give up my foolish attempts to control or transmit the energies and welcome them as a gift, as Divinity’s gift to me.
That transition occurred this morning at some indefinable moment and my experience began to shift, not suddenly, but not slowly either; and with this shift came the understanding I was seeking. Rejuvenation is not ‘out there’ somewhere and something I have to go out and find or hunt down in any way. Rejuvenation is within me as a seed and the discordance is a physical signal of its germination.
Wow, that shifted things and there were a couple of truth jolts to punctuate and confirm this learning. It seems that by stepping into the timeline of multiple sources of rejuvenation, I stepped into a space in which the seed of rejuvenation is within me and my role is to nurture this seed, plant it and let it germinate within me. The timing is not within my control, as there is a gestation period of sorts, and then rejuvenation will blossom within my physical being as a flower of transcendent beauty.
By the way, this pathway is available to each and every one of us, so if anyone wants to play along and take their own dive into this mystical wonderland, you have my invitation and my welcome. Like any timeline, the timeline of multiple sources of rejuvenation available to all of humanity is meant to be shared and the more of us who support it and welcome it into their being, the stronger it becomes and the greater is its likelihood of becoming our shared reality.
And so, the discordance remains but has been shifted. Something so beautiful and such a blessing and a miracle for my life and for all of humanity is not discordance. It is a sign of a great and beautiful blessing in the process of germination. It is a marker of a Divine gift forming within another Divine gift which is my physical body.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Freedom for humanity…

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