Rejuvenation – Divine Grace


Yesterday was a wonderful day. I spent the entire day within my chosen timeline of multiple sources of rejuvenation and of empowering those who are rejuvenated to follow their chosen path so that soon all of humanity has the opportunity to experience rejuvenation. After the epiphany that the Divine process of rejuvenation had germinated within me and writing about that experience in my blog, I went for a long walk and daydreamed a little about my life and times after rejuvenation. Nothing particularly constructive and even the occasional foray into ‘I told you so’ territory.
In one segment, I am called to be an advisor to Obama and my message is, ‘Rejuvenation and Ascension will succeed with or without your help. You are here to play an important role but should you fail, the role will be played by others. Assuming you want to play your role, it is time to clean house. The CIA must go, it can only serve the ruling elite, interest on loans must go, your administration must be purged to eliminate all who serve the ruling elite. If you want to play your role, the time is now, and protection from the ruling elite can be arranged.’ Throughout, it was like doing a favour for a friend and my focus was always on my ‘real job’ which was rejuvenation and other preparations for Ascension.
One of my favourite fifth dimensional tools is to test drive choices. I just test drove this scenario and I find it essentially true. Politicians and politics will shift dramatically as consciousness shifts and as humanity adopts personal sovereignty. Obama is working with the timeline of what is and shifting an existing timeline is hard work indeed. Possibly, he can make a difference, but far more likely are shifts and transformations that make him and his office totally irrelevant.
I back slide a little in the night and found myself in a fear based quandary this morning. Nothing had happened relative to rejuvenation so the gestation period continues with no visible signs of this coming process and no internal indications that it is coming soon. My internal response was to cling to my chosen timeline and to guard against mental and emotional slips into anything different.
After feeding the dogs, I went back to bed and meditated. As I got quiet, I could see the fear in my responses and decided to do a little ‘what iffing’. What if my chosen timeline turns out to be an illusion, what if I am not to experience rejuvenation? I test drove this scenario and as I stepped into the current reality, I was struck by the transformative power of my chosen timeline. There I was standing in the current timeline and a force field around me was transforming everything I contacted. Nothing and no one within the existing timeline was unaffected. The timeline of multiple sources of rejuvenation is like a fire in dry grass being pushed by a following wind. None can resist it.
I was shown a memory of being Lady Godiva and riding naked through market square at the height of the day with such presence and such dignity that all who were present were transformed. I did not ride alone and did not ride naked; I had no clothes to cloak me, but Divinity was with me and unmistakably cloaked me in Divine Grace. (To avoid confusion, I was not Lady Godiva in a past life, but experienced the archetype.)
That same transformative power of Divine Grace is present in the timeline of multiple sources of rejuvenation. The entire human race is glorified in this timeline. By having multiple sources of rejuvenation and making anyone capable of rejuvenating without human help, humanity takes a great step toward individual sovereignty and a society of equals, where each of us is striving to fulfill our life purpose, each of us is striving to serve though the Divine Grace resident in each of us.
Freedom for humanity…

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