Carbon Seven – Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation has settled into a very comfortable spot within me and seems to be awaiting appropriate timing before being made manifest within me. Meanwhile, life continues for me much as before with writing my blog, long walks, meditations and generally being available for learning whatever lessons come my way and serving those who cross my path.
A recurring daydream is of doing rejuvenation seminars as a rejuvenated person. Basically I teach people some skills such as working with timelines and invite everyone to walk around with me in my timeline of choice; the timeline of multiple sources for experiencing rejuvenation. The crowds are large and there is always someone (sometimes more than one) who steps forward and rejuvenates over a few minutes as kind of a breathtaking visual. Mostly I share my experience in a very interactive sort of way. Most participants rejuvenate over a period of days or even weeks and for some it does not take and they remain ‘normal’. Many of these try again and some succeed as they learn whatever lessons were standing in their way. Very beautiful stuff filled with love and compassion and everyone is encouraged to follow their guidance and play whatever role seems appropriate to them as all of humanity is shifted. Rejuvenation spreads rapidly as others teach in their own way and it spreads like wild fire. This fuels other much needed changes and the world is soon transformed. Amazing and awesome.

Carbon seven has been much in my mind of late. All life forms on earth are based on the element of carbon, a basic building block in both plant and animal life. Cellular structures are carbon based and our DNA uses carbon as one of its four constituent elements. The stable form of carbon here in the third dimension is carbon twelve, an atom with a nucleus made up of six protons (positively charged particles) and six neutrons (particles with no charge).
Carbon seven has one neutron surrounded by six protons. Neutrons and protons are the same size and have the same mass, so it is like putting a penny down (the neutron) and surrounding in with six more, perfectly filling the available space. Carbon seven is not stable in the third dimension because the energies within the dimension are too low so it is little understood by today’s scientists although a great deal of money and resources are being expended by the ruling elite in futile attempts to artificially create carbon seven.
Carbon seven is the crystalline form of carbon and is what is being referred to when people talk about crystalline cell structures and crystalline DNA. Carbon seven has seemingly magical or miraculous properties and completely changes the laws of physics. Mystics and ascended masters down through the ages have demonstrated some of these miraculous powers because they are able to raise their vibrational energies to the point where carbon seven can exist within them. Things like levitation, walking on water, bilocation, manifesting from the unseen, and being impervious to harm are just some of the miraculous properties that flow to people as a natural result of having high enough vibrational energy to support carbon seven.
Rejuvenation is a halfway stop. Rejuvenated bodies can exist in either the third dimension or the fifth dimension. In the third dimension, carbon twelve will be the constituent carbon and rejuvenated bodies in the third dimension will use carbon twelve in all the molecules and for all the processes that require carbon. When the time comes to Ascend, rejuvenated bodies will have the capability of transforming from carbon twelve to carbon seven and this will occur during the process of Ascension. Carbon seven is a much better carrier of light and energy and will enable the physical body to thrive within the elevated levels of energy that will be beamed our way beginning on the winter solstice of 2012. At that time, carbon seven will become the stable form of carbon and carbon twelve will become unstable.
Freedom for humanity…


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2 Responses to Carbon Seven – Rejuvenation

  1. Josephine says:

    I didn’t know that carbon shifting to crystaline would be called a carbon 7.

    I had a whole comment about how I’d have to read what you wrote a couple more times to actually get it and then dozed off on my keyboard. I woke up and my finger had rested on the backspace key and deleted up to the l in crystaline in the first sentence.
    Is this what is called an old people pause? LOL yes.

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