Leading Without Authority

I learned how to lead without authority during my business career and used these techniques in assignment after assignment as I climbed to positions of ever higher authority within the company that employed me. I never had the good fortune of having a boss who used these same methods, but had several who let me do my own thing as long as I got results. I succeeded quickly and easily in project environments but struggled in operations and with unionized workplaces. Eventually I came to understand that this type of leadership required a shared vision of success. It worked great when there was a clearly defined shared vision of success, but fell apart in environments where the vision of success was obscure or where competing visions existed.
The idea of individual sovereignty captures the need for leading without authority neatly and completely. In individual sovereignty, each individual reports to no one except his/her Creator. This means no person has authority over anyone else.
Once we accept the concept of individual sovereignty as the foundation of our society, and this is the case in all highly evolved societies, we soon see that leading without authority is a natural consequence. There is still a need for leadership, there always will be, but the leadership has to take the form of leading without authority else the principle of individual sovereignty is violated.
My spiritual journey has continually bumped up against the concept of individual sovereignty. When choice points present themselves, individual sovereignty is front and centre and my guidance has consistently been to honour individual sovereignty. This cuts both ways. It seems obvious that I need to maintain my individual sovereignty and leave situations in which others are attempting to erode my sovereignty. It is equally true, but less obvious, that I need to protect the individual sovereignty of those around me and refuse offers by others to give up their individual sovereignty to me. One of my early lessons in this regard was a friend’s pregnant sister visiting from an Arab country in order to give her child Canadian citizenship. We played with accessing my signals to give her guidance and feedback. In one visit, she asked if she would have the baby early since she was getting premonitions. ‘No’ said my signals, but she did.
The message to both of us was clear. My signals work for me but for no one else. Each of us needs to honour and follow our own signals. She was giving away her individual sovereignty and I was accepting authority over her. Both of us were taught our lesson. Since then, I have been much more vigilant in terms of refusing to use my gifts in ways that erode the individual sovereignty of others. When people ask my advice, I focus them inward and have them access their own wisdom. Usually, there is a direct match between my signals and their own wisdom, but the dynamics are shifted. Instead of me giving them advice, they are accessing their own wisdom. Giving advice violates individual sovereignty, while accessing inner wisdom respects individual sovereignty. We leave as equals from such exchanges, each with our individual sovereignty. That is a gift to each of us.
This is one of the most used skills in terms of leading without authority. My assumption in the business world was that each individual was the expert in terms of their job. This made it easy for me to focus them inward to access their own wisdom and instead of leaving my office with my advice; they would leave with their own inner wisdom to apply to whatever was bothering them. In business, this was second nature to me. In real life, it is a lesson I keep learning and relearning.
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