Without Conditions

A variety of sources have been hinting that it is time for me to step into a leadership role and my inner knowing is supporting this information. This is creating a certain amount of turmoil within me as I struggle with the concept and sort out the various parts of me who step forward to be heard and considered.
I know it is possible to lead with humility. People like Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela have been living examples of people thrust into a leadership role who remained grounded and aware that their cause was the important thing. They constantly reminded people that they were serving the cause and asked those following to do likewise. They knew they represented the cause and reminded those that revered them to focus on the cause. They were equals to those who followed them and treated everyone in their sphere of influence as an equal. Those are elements of leading with humility and pieces for my leadership puzzle.
Assuming the timeline of multiple sources of rejuvenation takes flight, I will soon find myself rejuvenated and be thrust into a leadership role, and I want to be prepared to handle that role in such a way as to serve Ascension and to serve humanity.
Yesterday was a day of searching and a day of sorting, a day of looking inward at my resistance to stepping into a leadership role and a day of gathering together the principles by which I will lead and beginning to integrate these principles internally.
One of the things I found was that I was no longer willing to accept help from people who placed conditions on the help they were giving. My search for a leader that could lead me toward Ascension has taken me down this path on six separate occasions. Each time, the leader set conditions under which they would help me or set conditions on my behaviour after they helped me. Each time, I found myself feeling compromised and guided to throw off the yoke of these restrictive conditions. Sometimes early on in the process, sometimes later, but each time; my guidance was clear and unambiguous. ‘You are to remain independent in this process of Ascension. Do not accept the conditions offered.’ And so, on six different occasions over the past six or so years, I have declined help offered with restrictions and returned to an independent path.
All of this seems an apprenticeship of sorts, all of this seems to have been on the job training in preparation for now; in preparation for taking the timeline of multiple sources of rejuvenation and exploding it into humanity’s collective consciousness.
What principles will I follow? The cause is paramount and I am only a figurehead for the cause. What is my cause? My cause is Ascension and to make Ascension available to all of humanity. Some will choose Ascension and some will not, that is a matter of free will; but each is to be given the choice without restrictions and without conditions.
That is the gift of the timeline of multiple sources of rejuvenation. My source will be a source without restrictions and without conditions. There will be other sources, and some may come with restrictions and with conditions, but there will also be sources similar to mine that respect individual sovereignty and offer the Divine gift of rejuvenation (preparing people for Ascension) without restrictions. By so doing, rejuvenation becomes a gift to all of humanity and freedom becomes every person’s birthright. Now that is a world worthy of the Divinity that resides in each of us.
Freedom for humanity…


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