A Chance Encounter

I walk nearly every day, long walks, three hours or more involving a variety of routes but all going to or near the Bow River, often including crossing over and back on two of the many foot bridges. My walks are circular in nature, avoiding backtracking or taking the same route twice during the walk. In general, I like a nature walk and take pathways and dirt trails rather than roads. I have five routes down to the river and the same number back with variations on each of them, so there are a lot of choices to be made.
My route the other day encountered a fellow walker. He was on the sidewalk above me talking on his phone, fifty or more meters away. As I approached he became very animated yelling into his phone while facing me, away from the road he was walking. ‘It is over. I am going home. We are done. Don’t call me anymore.’ I continued my route along a grassy path approaching the sidewalk he was on and turned to continue on the path running parallel, fifteen or twenty meters from the sidewalk. The man hung up and started walking in the same direction I was heading. He was prosperous looking, middle aged and carrying a briefcase.
He seemed invigorated by the call walking confidently and was moving faster than I was so he crossed the next intersection before me. The sidewalk ends and his choice was to continue near the road while I took a grassy path above the road and a row of evergreens separated us. Along came an old beater of a car that slowed and kept pace with him for a while. Some communications took place but quieter than the last and I could not hear. The car then drove to the next turn off and pulled over. The man went over to the car and talked through the open window, again quietly so I could hear nothing. My route jay walks at this point and I began to cross the street near where the car was parked. The driver was a woman, no doubt the same woman who had called earlier. As I crossed the street, the man opened the back door for his briefcase and then got into the car as the driver. All very strange.
I knew none of this was an accident. My route was planned for me to witness all of this and the entire event stuck with me. When Tamara returned from her holidays, I told her about it and still it would not leave me. The next morning, I asked my guides what it had all been about. They answered quite readily. There was no lesson for me, I was simply an agent for Divinity and a witness to the scene, and my presence had been arranged for the man to learn his lessons, whatever those lessons might have been.
I revisited the scene later in the day, seeing it all from the man’s perspective. Here he is yelling into his phone and a man appears and approaches within a few meters. The man is going the same direction, but he outpaces the man to continue on his journey, thinking no more about the man. The girl friend drives up and just as the negotiations are concluding in a far more cordial manner than took place during the phone call, the man appears once again as if a witness to a crime that had been committed. The man jay walks close to the car and takes obvious interest. Hmmm…interesting.
I will never know the outcome of all of this, nor do I know what lesson was targeted for the man. I was simply an angel witnessing an event and an unknown anonymous figure reminding this man that he does not walk alone and that his bully tactics do not go unnoticed. Seems this last sentence was the reason I was to write it all down.
Freedom for humanity…


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