Heart Chakra Living

When I encounter someone serious about their spiritual journey but struggling in some way, I have a simple and seemingly infallible technique for bringing them back to their path. If we are face to face, I take my hand and hold it in front of their forehead and say, ‘Come out of here, and come down to here’ as I lower my hand stopping in front of their heart chakra. I watch them as they go inward and leave the confusion and egoic messages of their thoughts and their mind chatter and connect with the power and Divinity that resides in each of us and is readily accessible by tuning into our heart chakra. This same technique works over the phone as well where I use a few more words of description while effectively doing the same thing.
I am sensitive to energy and I know immediately that a shift has taken place and my friend is now living in their heart chakra and has accessed the peace beyond understanding and Divine wisdom that resides there. They have already told me their current difficulty and I ask, ‘How does it seem from here?’ while continuing to hold my hand near their heart chakra. They go inward and in a short while, produce the wisdom they have been resisting. When people ask for my advice, this technique is what they get and in the process, give themselves either the same advice I would have given them, or something even better that I had not considered. As an added bonus, they now know how to access Divine wisdom when I am not there. It does not get any better than that.
In the matter of the timeline of multiple sources of rejuvenation and my current intention of become rejuvenated following the Divine guidance given me, I find myself living in my heart chakra. This is not the same as knowing how to access my heart chakra and doing so when troubled or when making decisions. This I have done for many years and intend to continue as a way of life. Living in my heart chakra is being full time in that hallowed space and continuously feeling the elevated energies of that connection to Divinity. In that space, I know I am doing what I am to do and I know the outcome really does not matter, as the outcome is not mine to determine. My role is to simply follow the guidance given me and let greater powers determine the outcome.
The difference between: 1) the single source timeline of following a leader promising rejuvenation who is asking that I serve in accordance to his vision, and 2) this timeline of multiple sources of rejuvenation in which rejuvenation becomes Divinity’s gift available equally to all, is profound. The single source timeline grated with my heart chakra. It had enough appeal to keep me going but something was off, something needed fixing and I was constantly in that space of attempting to loosen the leader’s narrow and confining vision. In the multiple sources timeline, I am only responsible for my own vision and for the love, compassion and humility within me. If I find myself becoming narrow or notice I am becoming attached to aspects of my vision, I need only to remind myself that I am dealing with Divinity’s gift to humanity and in making that gift inclusive to all of humanity. That takes me back to my heart chakra. Since being in my heart chakra also takes me back to the multiple sources timeline, it is like a closed loop where every thought and every emotion returns me to living in my heart chakra. Beautiful beyond description.
Does it even matter if this timeline is not the one that prevails or even if this timeline does not even see me to the threshold of rejuvenation? Not really. I know I am to Ascend in this lifetime and that will happen one way or another. My current guidance is to throw my shoulder to the wheel of the multiple sources of rejuvenation timeline and this I am doing, unreservedly. In this way I am following my path and doing what I am to do. The rest is not up to me.
Freedom for humanity…


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