Ascension First

Working with timelines is not like building a house with blue prints and measurements. Working with timelines is more like sitting down to write and not knowing exactly what I am to write about, but knowing something is there in the unseen and the act of writing will bring that something into the seen, what I call the world of form. Sometimes the writing flows quickly and easily and what was previously unexpressed is soon there in black and white and a shift has taken place in my understanding and how I view the world. Sometimes the writing is a struggle with fits and false starts, but eventually the finished product is there and the shifts take place. Sometimes the writing just does not come; it is either a trail that peters out into nothing, or a thought stream not ready to be made manifest.
Working with timelines is very much like writing, both are creative activities and as with all creative activities, they have a life of their own and a gestation period of unknown duration. There is a major difference between writing and working with timelines and that is scope. Writing is for me a daily activity with a cycle measured in hours. Working with timelines has a much longer cycle, measured in weeks, perhaps even months or years or even longer.
My cycle for writing a blog is to awaken with an idea or to hatch an idea in the first few hours after waking and then set about the creative process of putting words to this idea. When writing for my blog, I limit the length to about a page and once it reaches that point, find a suitable close and publish.
The cycle for a timeline is much longer and so, instead of hatching an idea in a few hours, the hatching process takes much longer. Let’s switch from generalities to specifics. My chosen timeline is multiple sources for rejuvenation and making rejuvenation available to all of humanity. One of the multiple sources is me. There seems no alternative to this. At some point in the pursuit of this timeline, I will become rejuvenated either by the guidance provided me from other worldly sources or with the help of someone who sets no conditions on how I choose to spread this Divine gift to the rest of humanity.
Perhaps something like Moses dying before reaching the Promised Land could work, but for me the process is the same, working diligently to move ever closer to the Promised Land and helping others to do the same. It is also possible that the Promised Land is something quite different from rejuvenation. In this scenario the timeline blossoms forth with multiple sources that prepare humanity for Ascension and rejuvenation is not a requirement or even a point along the way. Can I imagine what this would look like? No, it seems not and I do not have to go there. The path before me remains the same, follow my guidance leading to rejuvenation or some such altering reality and then continue to follow my guidance and the resources made available to me to bring the gift of preparations for Ascension to all of humanity.
Perhaps humanity does not need to make preparations for Ascension. Perhaps humanity will arrive at Ascension’s gateway and we shall all Ascend by Divine Grace; or some will Ascend and others will not in accordance with some formula, either known or unknown. These timelines exist and I can feel them. These timelines have their own attraction. I spent a few moments walking in these timelines and found them very comfortable. In these timelines, rejuvenation follows Ascension and humanity needs to make no particular preparations for the success of Ascension. All any of us have to do is show up at the winter solstice of 2012 and we take one path or the other at that time; one path leads to Ascension and living in the fifth dimension, the other path leads to continuing some sort of third dimensional existence. Wow. This opens things up in ways I had previously not imagined. I will have to check this out and report more as it becomes available.
Freedom for humanity…


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