Disappearing Timelines

Status quo timelines share a quality with all timelines. Timelines are pathways into the future and events can occur that cause a timeline to disappear. The ruling elite is quite skilled at doing this, including targeting the leader of a particular timeline. Examples in living memory include Martin Luther King, President Kennedy and five years later, his brother Bobby Kennedy. In these situations, the ruling elite felt threatened by the timeline being brought forth by the leader in question and orchestrated their death; and without a leader championing the timeline, it simply evaporated.
Let’s go all the way back to Atlantis before the fall and examine the major competing timelines at that time. One was to continue the status quo of an enlightened society working within the third dimension toward an eventual Ascension event where all of humanity and the earth itself rose into a higher dimension as preparations were completed. The other was to take over the human experiment, enslave humanity and use the resources of humanity and the earth for self interested purposes, serving alien masters and their representatives here on earth; those I call the ruling elite. The event we know as the Fall made the status quo timeline obsolete.
As we approach the end of the current era, we are about to bear witness to a similar event, except the shoes are on the other feet. This time, the status quo timeline is shepherded and guarded by the ruling elite and the competing timeline is in the hands of the enlightened few, those I call Lightworkers. The timing of the Ascension event has not changed. At the time of Atlantis before the Fall, Ascension was scheduled for the end of the current era and that remains true as the current era is ending. That much is written and has more than enough support to come to fruition. Fifty or sixty years ago, this was very much in doubt and the entire human experiment hung in the balance. Events such as the Harmonic Convergence and an influx of highly evolved beings who answered the call to accept lifetimes in human form raised human consciousness sufficiently so that Ascension is now a given, but much remains in the realm of possibility and this is the realm of timelines.
What portion of humanity will Ascend? What timeline will govern the third dimensional remnant of humanity? What is the timeline that will govern for the current ruling elite? Many more questions occur but these are central to today’s blog.
In the status quo timeline, a small portion of humanity Ascends, the trouble makers in the view of the ruling elite; and the third dimensional remnant of humanity continues with the existing timeline of a two tiered society with the ruling elite firmly in command and the masses serving their dominance.
I do not want to see this happen, nor do I believe it likely to be what happens. As we have seen, timelines can evaporate very quickly, in the blink of an eye or a single pivotal event that shifts public perception. The ruling elite has been very skilled at creating such events and managing public opinion in their favour, but world opinion is becoming increasingly sophisticated and many such attempts over the past decade or so have not had the desired effect and some are close to backfiring. As an example, the truth about 9/11 is popping up everywhere and although the official story remains in place, it is becoming ever more fragile and in danger of exposure, no doubt one of the factors in Bin Laden’s recently reported death.
How the status quo timeline implodes I cannot say. This is far too complex with so many threads but when the first domino falls the rest will follow. When the status quo timeline implodes is more predictable. It will be in the next few months.
Freedom for humanity…


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